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Industrialists: reorganization of the optical market

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Faced with major international mergers or the takeover of distribution by major brands , the reorganization of the optical market is inevitable, the latter being dedicated to large changes.

Reorganization of the optical market: redefining a role for industry


The industrial optical sector is currently in the process of redefining its model . We mentioned it in our article on the mutations of the world of optics, it is undeniable: the product provokes full organizational changes!

The telescope is now a global set of frames and lenses . As a bonus, luxury brands have clearly expressed their willingness to take over distribution to opticians and the marketing part.

Playing on his strengths, highlighting his expertise, to sign , this is a road to follow, not forgetting to rethink your own business model. Large groups merge? This gave ideas to some manufacturers who now want to get together strategically.

We have often highlighted the " Made in France ", why not move towards the " Made in France " by »?


If we can see these upheavals as constraints, we can also imagine them as opportunities

These can actually speed things up. If the digital did not wait for them to carve the lion's share, we can already bet that the sale on the Internet , very developed in some countries such as Germany, will soon be on the rise!

The redefinition of some segments, like the entry-level , will have to be reflected. This segment, sometimes neglected, can this time prove to be in complete adequacy with what the market demands.

Know the market at your fingertips

Of course, an increased knowledge of the market will be essential to allow everyone to redefine themselves, to reorient themselves in the face of uncertainties and numerous changes in the industry.

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For that, the " Sell-Out " acts as undeniable asset. In order to promote a perfect interaction between manufacturer and reseller , what is better than knowing, in real time, what is selling in the market, which is subject to high demand?

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So, how do you plan to welcome these reorganizations and future changes in the optical market?