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Inform'Optique, "More freedom with Eyes-Road"

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More freedom with Eyes-Road Article published in Inform'Optique November 2015.

With 88 members (+ 11% this year) and the success of the offers put in place last year, the European Economic Interest Grouping is launching a fourth offer, "Freedom +". It also focuses on training and communication to provide answers to developments in the sector.

A non-binding offer

Over the last twelve months, no less than 7.5 million order transactions have been processed through Eyes-Road. Turnover grew by 3% and opticians connected to the platform were more than 3400. On the occasion of Silmo, Philippe Cellier, president of the group gave an assessment of the year and announced the evolution of the offers Freedom and the creation of its Liberté + extension. Entirely free and intended for members, Liberté allows the translation / dissemination of four annual catalogs in OPTOv11 format. From now on, it is also possible to receive electronic orders or sales information via a simple exchange format. Liberté + goes even further with translations / distribution of product catalogs and receipt of orders, without limit of number, under adapted tariff conditions. Two command formats are imposed and a limit of 600 orders per year. After having reduced the cost of services in 2012, the Groupement intends to reach 100% of the industry thanks to this free service.

Training and interaction

Created at the beginning of the year, Free training for all users continues (industrialists, opticians …). These are demonstrations, in the form of webinars, made through screen sharing. Lasting about thirty minutes, these trainings are followed by questions and answers in chat mode. Eighteen sessions have already been delivered to nearly 150 users. The end-of-the-year sessions will be devoted to the multi-format management of electronic catalogs, catalog campaigns and the optimization of contact management. By the way, for more communication, Eyes-Road now has a blog from its website (www.eyes-road.com). Hosted by a community manager, it is fed monthly by two fund articles. The topics covered, marketing, business, fashion, are related to the sector. The grouping is also found on social networks.

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