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Innovation: new concepts for opticians!

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As we have seen with SILMO , the optical sector is still evolving, whether through new business models or technological advances.

Focus on 3 optical brands with innovative concepts.


This Grenoble-based start-up, launched in 2009 by Philippe Varnier, proposes the association of e-commerce with opticians and physical shops , which is for them one of the keys to the future of optics.
[= ] evioo concept

The goal? Propose the advantages of both worlds by making the "drive to store"

On the internet, we take advantage of the choice, lower prices, availability of models. The prescription sent, we choose glasses and mount and Evioo sends all to opticians partners located near the customer so that he can try his new glasses and benefit from the advice and settings of the optician. Here, the optician is a paid provider of Evioo.


This concept works unmistakably, because Evioo displays 80% transformation rate!

Plug & See

What if glasses become a fashion accessory as well , that you can change as often as a tie or a bracelet?

Plug & see
This is the idea of Plug & See , a start-up in the Lyon region launched in 2015, which offers glasses with frames and lenses dissociated Made in France. These frames, which disassemble and come back in the blink of an eye, make it easy to form a new pair by slipping corrective lenses.
What to change style while taking care of his eyes!
[ =] plug-and-see

Mounts are on sale on the internet and partner opticians. 🙂

Jimmy Fairly

Small economic revolution in optics according to Jimmy Fairly … Its innovative concept: a frame + corrective lenses = 99 €! This rate base can of course increase through specific glass treatments but the basic idea is to make a pair less than 100 € , in order to offer a product more commercially accessible … Drawn in France, made in Italy, l 'teaches some fifty models in its own stores.


And it is also thanks to this desire for accessibility that the brand applies the now famous concept of " Buy one – Give one ": each pair actually bought one to people in need, via specialized associations!


So, among these new concepts among opticians , where will your preference be? Would you like to incorporate some of these ideas or products into your current offering?