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Innovation: the smartphone at the service of the optician

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Today smartphones make life easier for all of their owners. But on the professional side, what concrete benefits do smartphones bring to the optician profession? More and more applications dedicated to opticians are emerging: a quick overview …

Determine the refraction

Exit autoréfractomètre , hello Netra ! Featuring a virtual reality mask with an integrated smartphone , this is the mobile solution offered by Eyenetra. For about 2100 €, this set allows to determine the correction if the ametropia is between -12 and +5,5 D, with a cylinder from 0 to -7D.
It allows to measure the myopia, the hyperopia , astigmatism as well as pupillary distance. Nevertheless its use is disadvised on the under 13 years and the over 65 years. We were already talking about it recently, in an article dedicated to innovation in the optical market …

A real plus for home opticians, this solution also opens the way for access to simplified care in developing countries …


Acuity tests

With Peek Vision , no mask to add, just a simple accessory to clip on the smartphone and the optician can then perform 3 main functions:

  • scan the lens (to detect cataracts)
  • control the retina
  • perform sharpness and color perception tests.

Developed by 3 researchers, this app is undergoing certification in the US and Europe!

Management of the optical store

A major asset of the smartphone for the everyday optician: the management software now available in mobile applications.

Cash register software, inventory management, loyalty application … All these applications are now available on the smartphone of the optician !
A simple way to unclog the box and allow more fluidity in the store, each vendor having access to different applications from his smartphone or tablet …


And you dear optician, addicted to the smartphone during working hours, or not yet?