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Innovations against diseases of the eye

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In less than twenty years, the field of ophthalmology has experienced a real boom. It can now correct most abnormalities of vision and improve the management of pathologies such as glaucoma and AMD (age-related macular degeneration). Overview of innovations against the pathologies of the eye.

Eye surgery

Eye surgery can be a solution for myopia, presbyopia, cataracts, or even glaucoma. To perform these operations, it is the laser refractive surgery that is most often used. And since the eye is a very sensitive organ that requires demanding care, anesthesia is a necessity, even if it remains mostly local. These operations, extremely common, are easy to perform and painless. Especially today, each patient benefits from a personalized surgery , adapted to his case.

innovations against the pathologies of the eye

To facilitate these operations, today there are 3D visualization systems with a screen or even 3D glasses. Thanks to these devices and their excellent image quality, surgeons better visualize the manipulations they perform and adopt a better working posture. This greatly reduces their fatigue. They also offer the opportunity for colleagues to follow the live operation and bring their expertise, even if they are at the other end of the world.

New molecules

If surgical techniques are in full swing, this is also the case for the development of molecules that make it possible to target the various structures of the eye. Very effective techniques, especially to treat pathologies such as glaucoma or AMD . In the case of glaucoma, they are used in eyedrops that are applied in the eye, to relieve the intraocular pressure caused by this disease. To treat AMD, the molecules are injected into the gel of the eye and block the progression of the disease and the loss of vision, provided they are administered in time.

But this technique only works in case of wet AMD . The other form of this disease – the dry form – remains today an incurable disease.


Formerly reserved for an accompanying role, medicine today offers real solutions to people who lose their sight. Among them, retinal implants . The idea is to partially replace photoreceptor cells in the retina that are affected by retinopathy pigmentosa or AMD. Thanks to these implants, the light signals are again perceived and the retinal neurons stimulated. Which allows a significant improvement of the vision, even to recover it completely. The Institute of Vision is a pioneer in this field.

Only about 100 blind patients in the world have already benefited from this technology. The doctors hope to generalize it, but also to treat the visually impaired .

innovations against the pathologies of the eye

We can already bet that in the next five years, the retinal implant will be part of the therapeutic arsenal!