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Unusual: the most expensive glasses in the world!

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In the world of eyewear, some models can reach crazy prices. What are these models? Why can their value explode? We focus on the most expensive glasses in the world.

The most expensive glasses: why such prices?

Of course, the manufacturing processes and the materials used will largely contribute to increasing the price of a frame. While materials are now used to drive down costs or reduce environmental impact, this has not always been the case.

Sometimes the models that fall into the luxury category are mythical models embellished with gold or diamonds. This is the case of the pair of Ray-Ban Aviator Gold, produced in 2013 in 1200 copies and which sold for 2800 euros. This amount, you will see, remains largely correct compared to others.

Cartier has also produced models around 20,000 euros each, embellished with 18-carat pink gold. The Bentley brand also released a Platinum model for around 50,000.

Models that reach records

Several models broke all records: Cartier, again, created its Panthère model, in 18-carat white gold, and adorned with 645 sapphires and 561 diamonds. Sale price: 132,000! Shiels Jewelers produced a frame with emerald lenses, which sold for $166,000. around 300,000 euros. But the most expensive model listed sells for 400,000 euros. It is the result of the association between De Rigo and the Swiss brand Chopard. It contains 60g of pure gold and precious stones.

"Classic" glasses sold at exorbitant prices

Finally, the course and life of a frame can also give it a high price and therefore a place among the most expensive glasses. This is especially the case for glasses worn by celebrities.

Indeed, a lot of pairs of glasses have a rich history. Because the models once worn by those who made them immortal still sell for sometimes incredible prices.

For example, glasses that belonged to John Lennon sold 165 000 euros. This pair was broken and had been picked up by the Beatles driver. The legendary status of the guitarist and the rarity of the object allowed him to break this value record. Other models that belonged to personalities who helped accessorize eyewear, such as Audrey Hepburn or Elton John, have also sold for prices in the 4 or 5 figures.