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ICDSC Interview on Electronic Safe Solutions

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ICDSC is a software publisher specializing in electronic data interchange and dematerialization which has recently developed an electronic safe solution approved by EDI-Optique.

Florence Naudin, co-manager of ICDSC, answers Eyes-Road's questions about the dematerialization of invoices and the need to use an electronic safe.

Eyes-Road : How was the industry organized for to dematerialize the invoices fiscally?
Florence Naudin : To dematerialize all invoices, the optics industry has defined a common process. It recommends that manufacturers produce their invoices in signed PDF format and opticians have a safe to receive and archive their invoices.
A directory of all the safes in the stores allows to automate the search and deposit of bills in the vaults.

Eyes-Road : What is an electronic safe?
Florence Naudin : This is a data archiving system that implements security processes and mechanisms (timestamp, document footprint, etc.) to provide legal value to document integrity and its readability in time.

Eyes-Road : Why is the electronic safe the ideal and ideal solution to meet the legal requirements imposed on industrialists and opticians?
Florence Naudin : The optician or central who has his safe automatically receives all the invoices of his suppliers in a secure and accessible area using a web browser 24/24, 7 / 7.
The legal period of retention of an invoice is 10 years, the electronic safe Opt'e-Box, relies on the secure architecture of CDC Arkhinéo, subsidiary of Caisse des Dépots et Consignation which guarantees the durability of archiving.
The safe also allows receipt of an invoice to check the validity of the certificate used for the signature.

Eyes-Road : What are the other benefits for an optician?
Florence Naudin : The Opt'e-Box interface was designed to facilitate the management of invoices by opticians.
For example, using a search engine based on relevant criteria, the optician is able to search and easily view the desired invoice or invoices.
For the owners of several stores, a single interface makes it possible to visualize all of his invoices.
It is also easy to share his invoices with his accountant.
Another feature, the download of the invoice in a structured format (Microsoft Excel) allows to integrate the invoices into a third accounting system.

Eyes-Road : How a optician can he subscribe to a safe?
Florence Naudin : If the process was not initiated by the central, simply log on to the directory "OPTO-Démat" at the following address http://demat.edi-optique.com/ , fill in the store information and choose its safe provider.

Opt'e-Box on video

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