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World Sight Day: Solidarity and Awareness

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Every second Thursday in October is World Sight Day . Under the auspices of the World Health Organization (WHO), this is the way for NGOs and opticians partners to participate in awareness and mobilization related to vision health. But it is above all a real impetus of solidarity from the actors of the optical sector to equip the people in need!

World Eye Day: A WHO initiative

Focusing on global blindness, World Sight Day aims to increase public awareness about the prevention and treatment of vision loss.
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The World Health Organization (WHO) aims to force governments to commit to access to health services for both curative and preventive purposes


According to WHO figures, up to 80% of blindness cases are preventable because they result in 20% preventable afflictions or are 60% curable. ]

The concrete goal of this day? An ambitious program created in 1999 and called VISION 2020 , aimed at curbing preventable blindness by the year 2020.

Since the launch of this day, several associations and NGOs have made this common project is their daily struggle.

This is the case of the Optometry Giving Sight association that created the challenge of World Sight Day , inviting professionals from the optometry (staff members, industry partners or students) to raise funds to support people in need


For this purpose, it is possible to make a one-time donation or monthly donations, or to organize events to collect donations …

[ =] The participants sometimes take a lot of imagination, imagining challenges to increase their motivation and that of donors!

Have your eyes tested for free

While in France, 30% of respondents admit having not had their eyesight checked for more than 3 years, the AsnaV (National Association for the Improvement of Sight), in partnership with opticians, so launched, during a few days in October, an operation of control of the sight, all for free.


In the same vein, Essilor also took advantage of World Sight Day to launch and promote its #putvisionfirst campaign.

[ =] On the site www.putvisionfirst.com , the Internet users have the possibility to carry out in a few clicks of the tests of sight . On the program, visual acuity, astigmatism, contrast sensitivity and near vision.

Of course, these tests do not replace the visit to an ophthalmologist , but the approach is welcome for sensitize people who do not necessarily take the time to have their eyes checked.

As you can see, this day is about solidarity. But it is also dedicated to sensitizing people so that visual afflictions are detected and treated quickly, to eliminate avoidable blindness problems. An awareness to share with the greatest number, therefore!