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Artisanal eyewear

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In a sector sometimes taken by storm by large groups, it can be difficult to assert yourself. But in the face of changes in the times, awareness, the desire to stand out from fashion phenomena, it is becoming common to turn to small artisans. Artisanal eyewear is making a comeback in the collective consciousness. However, it is still very little highlighted. However, she has undeniable assets and above all embodies an unconditional love of the profession.

What is artisanal eyewear?

Hand-crafted eyewear stands out from the industrial manufacture of eyewear . It consists in making glasses which are, in general, designed and assembled from A to Z by the same person (s), and have the particularity of being unique . If the basis of the work is often the same, the elaboration of glasses by a craftsman leaves room for the imagination and knows no limits.

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An eyewear craftsman will thus have to use different materials , sometimes the most incongruous . He will let his creativity speak to create frames with ever more elaborate shapes, with a very particular touch to the finishes .

This way of working inevitably impacts the consumer . Frames made by craftsmen are generally much higher, on average, than frames made on an industrial basis.

Of course, the quality is often there. Equipping yourself with a pair of artisanal glasses should be changed less often. It will last much longer, especially when it is custom made. This is where the course changes compared to traditional equipment.

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Indeed, the customer first expresses his needs and desires, undergoes facial morphology tests to be sure to obtain the ideal frame . He doesn't start by trying on a pair of glasses displayed on a display rack. The design times are of course also longer than for industrial frames.

Original materials for unique designs

Obviously, a craftsman must develop his products with quality materials. The most amazing thing is that the choice of these materials cannot be separated from the creator. The latter will indeed be more inclined to use this or that manufacturing product according to his own experiences.

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The place of residence, the family culture, the personality will have a role to play in the manufacture of artisanal and tailor-made glasses. Swiss craftsman- eyewear , Yvan Vollmy prefers the authenticity of the countryside to large cities and considers that this choice has an impact on his creations. Eager to work with noble materials , he discovers one day that Mammoth ivory is assimilated to an ore by the Washington Convention. This is the perfect opportunity to work with this material without sacrificing biodiversity!

Other original materials such as acetate, algae, wood, jeans, grains of coffee are regularly used to design eyewear.

The search for materials is constantly evolving. In recent years, the desire to offer models made from sustainable materials has spread widely, proving that the craftsman knows how to adapt perfectly to the constraints of a changing world.

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Who says artisanal eyewear says innovation!

Artisanal eyewear is not left out when it comes to innovation. And technological developments are largely taken into account in its model. A craftsman may well have a modern workshop and be keen on new manufacturing techniques.

3D printing is one of them. This technique is indeed an excellent way to provide a tailor-made service to a client. The manufacture of certain elements can be used by certain craftsmen, who will then add their final touch and finishes of an extreme quality.

The fact of choosing unusual materials as well as shapes singular , as a bonus to achieve a unique and tailor-made product is enough to understand that artisanal eyewear constantly demonstrates innovations and search for solutions to the various problems and questions that a competitive sector can raise.

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Crafting is therefore a great way to stand out from the competition. It also makes it possible to reach a target in search of uniqueness and very high end.

Becoming a spectacle maker, a vocation

Choosing to become an eyewear craftsman is first of all to be passionate. There are several ways to train, in particular via the Bachelor in Creative Lunetier which can be offered by the Institut Supérieur d'Optique.

In order to specialize in a particular field, and to acquire even more precise and technical knowledge, MOF eyewear training courses prepare for the competition and are a guarantee of excellence . Many eyewear craftsmen with original and recognized work have gone through this competition.

Some exceptional eyewear

crafts-sebastien-geslin @ sebastien-geslin [/ caption]

All over the world, there are eyewear manufacturers who make their know-how and their expression speak through unusual and exceptional creations.

Discover a non-exhaustive list of these:

Clément Lunetier , Strasbourg, France

Yvan Volmy , Rolle, Switzerland

Lucas de Staël , Paris, Frane

Yann Goubet , France

Andy Wolf , Austria

Henau , Belgium

David Cox , United Kingdom

Sébastien Geslin , France

and many others …

To end and make you appreciate this meticulous work that 'is the artisanal eyewear , discover in video the manufacture of a frame by Sébastien Geslin, French eyewear maker .

https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 9trICsU_B_c [/ embed]