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The new version IDDIC v4 arrives ...

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As announced at this SILMO, the new version of our application for translation, hosting and distribution of electronic catalogs, IDDIC v4, will be officially launched on Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

To date, 200 people regularly use this application on which are housed more than 400 electronic catalogs – accessories, contact lenses, frames, cleaning products, glasses – for nearly 9,000 opticians and other professionals connected to our platform.
[ =] This new version is the result of five years of user experiences from all walks of life: central purchasing, software companies, retailers, industrialists and opticians. It is also the result of six months of work, which allowed to ensure a total renewal of the application: changes in all the menus, a new ergonomics making it more modern, including a design adapted to the web tools used today.

New features

Listed below are the major new features and changes to the IDDIC v4 application.

● Increased overall security of the application
● Dynamic online help
● Improved quality of catalogs stored and distributed.
● Selective catalog distribution.
● Management of catalog sending campaigns.
● Contact management.
● General application internationalization.
● Compliance with Eyes-Road graphic charter.
● Opening to new "user profiles".
● Intuitive searches in Google © way.
● Total overhaul of Microso developments ft .NET.
● Translation, hosting and distribution of different catalog formats (OPTO11, OptimEyes, OptimEyes-Road).

For more information, or for a custom demo, contact us via our contact form .