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Fair and sustainable trend among eyewear manufacturers

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Eyewear does not escape the current global desire to be part of an eco-responsible approach. The idea is to move towards cleaner production and seek to free themselves from petro-sourced materials.

To illustrate this fair and sustainable trend, we have identified 3 French brands that are distinguished by their innovative and eco-friendly frames and have all made the bet of local production .

Shelter: the wooden frame

This group of 5 entrepreneurs made themselves known via the Kisskissbankbank crowdfunding platform.

Based in Annecy, the Shelter team offers a solar collection with wooden frames , handmade. Only glasses are made in Milan by the company Carl Zeiss. As part of their eco-responsible approach, they set up a partnership with local sawmills in order to obtain the wood, flexible and resistant (walnut or ash), necessary for the production.

These glasses sunglasses are available from € 160.


Naoned, made from seaweed

Naoned, Nantes in Breton, is an alliance between an optician designer, Jean Philippe Douis, a manufacturer and a distributor, who started producing seaweed frames !
The Dôn collection was born after 1 year of R & D and a real desire to reduce pollution by plastics.

In short, Naoned is: an ecological material , a production that consumes little energy and a local manufacturing.
[= ] Count around 200 € for this unusual horse!


OpSB, biodegradable glasses!

Sebatien Betend, after opening his eco-designed store in Bron, decided to go beyond and launch his OpSB collection of bio-acetate frames . His approach respects the 3 axes of sustainable development:

  • Ecological, this material is 100% recyclable and biodegradable at 80% at 5 years (in earth),
  • Economic and Social, manufacturing is French and thus promotes local employment.

Bonus, for every mount bought, know that 3 € are donated to the humanitarian association CCFD Terre solidaire!
These bio-acetate frames are available from 159 €.