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Label Optician Engaged and certifications: what for?

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Promoting its partners, whether in terms of service or quality of equipment, is Essilor's " Optician Engaged Label " approach in 2016. But what does it mean? does he really understand by "Committed Optician"? What is there behind this mark of recognition? Are there other labels or certifications on the optical market?

Optician Label Engaged: 3 criteria for a specific charter

Faced with an ever-increasing supply of internet advisories, it is fundamentally important to be able to stand out , and often difficult to prove its worth.

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The quality label, we had the opportunity to tell you about it on the blog , is a great way to achieve this.

On the strength of its expertise, Essilor has been offering the "Optician Engaged" label for just over two years now according to strict and clearly defined criteria.

But how does this label work? How to become a committed optician?

You should know that the Opticien Engagé label honors three points: the technology used, the support of customers and the training of teams.

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The "Optician" charter Engaged "defines two types of commitment . You can be part of standard or expert partners.

The main difference between the two (apart from the color of the logos – silver or gold) lies in the optician's ability to propose glasses coming from the technology eyecode .


For opticians, it's also a guarantee to see a privileged interlocutor, to master the technology and to be more than a shopkeeper.

Indeed, the profession of optician, in constant evolution, is a profession of visual health, with personalized service, and in phase with technical and technological evolutions .

[ =] Of course, to be always up to date, the charter requires the follow-up of training for the teams, but also exchanges with health professionals .

A personalized and quality follow-up will be evaluated to be part of the partners.

This label is indeed an initiative to improve and strengthen relations between suppliers , opticians and customers.

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Other ways to recognize quality

There are other labels and certifications that can attest to the quality of an optician or a supplier. Among them, the AFNOR certification, pledge of expertise and a quality service, or the ISO 9001 , ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18001 certifications , issued on other criteria, such as:

  • occupational health
  • employee safety
  • the respect of environment…

Definitely important areas for consumers!



Finally, some opticians have been able to set up their own ethical charter , to ensure a personalized service of quality, to respect the confidentiality of the customers or to ensure their total transparency .

And you, have you ever thought about having your point of sale certified or labeled? Tell us everything in comments or on Eyes-Road's social networks!