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Animation on the points of sale of opticians

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Dynamisation of a declining attendance, optimization of off-peak periods, customer loyalty or lead generation: commercial animation is an essential tool for retailers and particularly suited to opticians, who face a high level of competitiveness. Point-of-sale animation is always a vector of traffic and sales!
From a simple punctual showcase to a dozen commercial activities, through a partnership with local businesses, the applications of animation on opticians' outlets are numerous, if not infinite …

A busy calendar of events

animated point-of-sale-2

The animations on the points of sale know only very little the rest. Indeed, all the opportunities are good, or almost, to animate your shop! The advantage is that they adapt to the needs of the moment: generate traffic , create a privileged relationship or simply increase sales .

In other words, the optician can animate his point of sale all year !
Here are some opportunities that will allow you to pre-fill your calendar animations :

  • January: Sales and epiphany
  • February: Sales and Valentine's Day
  • March: Mardi Gras / Carnival
  • April: Easter
  • May: Mother's Day
  • June: Fathers' Day
  • July: Sales and Summer Holidays
  • August: Summer holidays
  • September: School entrance
  • October: Halloween
  • November: Wine Fair / Beaujolais New
  • December: Christmas and New Year

If some of these examples could make you smile, in fact the slightest opportunity to animate your shop or dramatize your windows can turn a simple passage into a more successful experience for your customers! This calendar is named after the chestnut tree, and is still very much used in retail outlets and e-shops.
On these monthly occasions are added a recurring appointment of your own. you can invite your most loyal customers: the birthday of your shop.

Animations that stick with the times

animated point-of-sale-3

The glasses, seen as solar, have become true fashion accessories. By the way, do not we talk about collections? The animations on the points of sale , like these collections, allow to be close to the tendencies : major sporting events, exits of films exploding the box office, all is good to surf on the mode of the moment.

For example, the Krys brand has become "Official Optician of the Tour de France" with the belief that " proximity, sharing and fervor ". Thanks to this partnership with the Great Loop, Krys was able to celebrate this year its fiftieth anniversary with great fanfare with products and increased communication, but also and especially dedicated events on sales outlets, with commercial offers on especially solar.

Liberated, delivered, I will never lie again! You could not miss the Snow Queen and her ice breaker? As with many releases of the Pixar franchise, a range of children's glasses has emerged and found on the nose of the youngest. The release of such a film may be the opportunity to organize a snack , or even to project a film in your shop and conquer the hearts of your youngest clients, hence the importance of properly informing your client file !

animated point-of-sale-4

As a cinephile savvy, the Lyon optician Thierry Caillat took advantage of the annual edition of the Lumière Festival to celebrate the thirty years of his space dedicated to the vision! He exhibited the most beautiful glasses of stars of the private collection of Pierre Marly, illustrious optician. It was possible to discover and even try Marcello Mastroianni, Jean Reno and Audrey Hepburn, as well as many other celebrities!

Last viral trend of social networks and quickly recovered by the most reactive of you: the Mannequin Challenge !
It's about staying motionless like models while the cameraman turns around you on a musical background. Politicians, celebrities, sportsmen and … traders, including opticians and their customers!
At Optique Optique Mosket, for example, it was fun in unison with customers while raising funds for the Telethon.

Animations that sensitize, it is possible too!

animated point-of-sale-5

If point-of-sale animation is an excellent mercantile tool , it is also a way to federate your clientele around causes that are dear to you, whether or not related to the profession, as for the video above and the Telethon .

The animation is therefore also a lever of awareness , an optician Atol , for example organized a day " see well by car, it is essential! ". By providing its customers with a driving simulator and accompanied by a trainer specializing in the field of road safety, it has allowed its customers to assess their driving and raise awareness of the importance of the port. glasses while driving.

Other "open days" have thus been created by some opticians, including collections of frames to redistribute to the poor, in partnership with associations. Also, opticians took part in "Take my Handicap" type animations, blindfolded or partially obscured, white cane in hand, which allow the viewers to understand the difficulties related to visual impairment.
It's a safe bet that new animations could lend themselves to the different pathologies: AMD, myopia, optical prevention of the youngest as well as the oldest, the only real limit is your imagination !

The world of optics is confronted with a particularly competitive market and the multiplication of the sites of on-line sale is certainly for many. The animation on the points of sale of the opticians is an asset of the last ones. It allows to differentiate, to create traffic, to retain, yes, but above all to highlight what websites can not do: put forward human contact!

Let us know what animations have worked on your point of sale or which ones you want to organize: we will be happy to relay them!