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The project "OPTO-Démat" by EDI-Optique

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* Jean-Christophe Leroy, Director of Programs, of the EDI Optique Association sheds light on the "OPTO-Démat" project related to the dematerialisation of invoices within our sector

OPTO-Démat project status

The OPTO-Démat project started in 2012. Its purpose is to delete paper invoices between all the players in the optical sector. For that, it is essential to respect precise rules of the dematerialization tax of the invoices. EDI-Optique has developed a technical solution in order to widely deploy the dematerialization of invoices between suppliers and opticians, but also for all other actors in the sector. This solution perfectly meets all the requirements of tax dematerialization.

The technical solution was designed, tested and implemented for pilots, and is now ready for deployment. In the last two years, a dozen suppliers have passed all the tests and can now easily send dematerialized invoices.
The solution is based on a standard defined by EDI-Optique. Thus all suppliers, whatever their internal IT are able to create, sign and deposit the dematerialized invoices in the same way.
To receive dematerialized invoices, just open an electronic safe approved by EDI- Optical. Two suppliers of safes, Cegedim and ICDSC, have been selected.

Project originality

The OPTO-Démat project led by EDI-Optique is a sector project. It aims to provide a uniform solution for all providers and opticians. It avoids that an optician is faced with multiple solutions depending on its suppliers and over time.

This is the first time that a dematerialization project adopts a sector approach. Optics is the first retail sector to want to largely dematerialize invoices for all stakeholders.

The OPTO-Demat project has received the support of the General Directorate of Finance and the Ministry of the Economy, Industry and Digital.

[= ] What is a dematerialized invoice ?
The dematerialized invoice is the electronic invoice which constitutes for the administration an invoice original. Only the dematerialization recognized fiscally makes it possible to get rid of the paper and thus to envisage a reduction of the costs.

What is the operation for an optician ?
The operation for an optician is ultra simplified; opening an electronic safe in one of the approved solutions is sufficient for the store's suppliers to deposit invoices in the electronic safe.
A vault directory is automatically updated and the suppliers are informed of the changes.
The optician who no longer wants to receive dematerialized invoices disables his safe
Opticians completely control access to their safe; in addition, they can delegate access to some of their staff and / or their accountant.