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www.france-optique.com, "EDI for the world of optics: the winning bet"

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OL [MAG], "EDI for the world of optics: the winning bet" Article published on www.france-optique.com on September 30, 2015. To view it online, go directly to the website of France Optique by clicking here .

The EEIG Eyes-Road is the leader of trade and dematerialized transactions in the optical market via its EDI platform.

Still evolving, the range of its offers now covers all optical players, from industrialists to distributors to opticians.

The community of exchange users computerized data is expanding as it now includes optical stores. The "Autonomy" offer is accessible to all opticians via their management software. They can download suppliers' standardized catalogs and send their product orders safely and independently.

The Eyes-Road platform also informs them in real time of the launch of new catalogs; information that allows these professionals a significant saving of time and productivity. To meet the needs of industrialists, Eyes-Road EEIG designs and develops adapted proposals.

The "Adherents" offer contains all the services available on the platform. It is offered to members of the EEIG Eyes-Road: multiplicity of messages, unique exchange format, fast and reliable processing, automatic updating of catalogs and dissemination of information to points of sale.

The "Freedom" Offer allows the translation / distribution of 4 annual catalogs. It allows the reception of electronic orders or sales information (up to 600 / year) via a simple and comprehensible format. It is completely free.

The "Liberté +" Offer , newly created, is the natural extension of the "Freedom" Offer. It extends the delivery of translations / distribution of catalogs produced and the receipt of orders, without limit of number, under tariff conditions adapted to the act. Thematic and on-line training continues in the form of "webinars". Free, they are interested in the tool of translation, the storage and the distribution of the electronic catalogs destined to all the users (central purchasing / signs, publishers of software, industrialists and opticians). The next sessions are scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2015 on the theme: the management of the multi-format electronic catalogs, campaigns for sending catalogs and optimization of contact management.

The EEIG Eyes -Road shares its news with the entire profession and through social networks as well as sending regular newsletters "Exchange of Ideas" and "Exchange of Optics". The launch of a blog reinforces the interactive communication on the site www.eyes-road.com with the Community Manager of EEIG at the rate of two monthly feature articles dealing with the marketing of optics, optician trade , high-tech optics and news from the world of optics and Eyes-Road.

The EEIG brings together 88 members (+ 11% this year) divided into 7 distributors, 22 software companies, 9 contact laboratories, 25 eyewear, 21 glassmakers, 4 VPcistes. Turnover grew by 3%. Despite a sluggish market, more than 7.5 million order transactions have passed through the platform for the last 12 months. The number of electronic catalogs proposed in EDI is 420 for a panel of more than a hundred manufacturers with a progression of 65% vs 2014. The opticians connected to the platform are now more than 9400, in increase of 6% by compared to 2014.