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Anti-blue light filter: lenses too!

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anti-blue light lenses 1

Whether on our smartphones or on our computers, for personal or professional reasons, today we spend an average of six hours in front of our screens! So many hours during which we are exposed to the famous blue light and its harmful effects on health. In just a few years, the anti-blue light filter has become an essential treatment for optical equipment. Present on the vast majority of glasses glasses, the filter appears on a new product: anti-blue light lenses!

Blue light, booster shot:

anti-blue light lenses 3

Present in natural light, blue light is harmful by its concentration in the artificial light sources. It is particularly emitted by screens that flood our daily life with an average of 6.4 devices per household, as well as by the inevitable LED bulbs! Disruption of the internal clock, sleep disorders, eyestrain : the impact of blue light on our health is multiple, especially since it is also suspected to promote the degradation of the retina and the appearance of Macular Degeneration Age-related (AMD).

After the glasses, the anti-blue light lenses:

anti-blue light lenses 4

We are all concerned about blue light and yet we do not all wear glasses! Whether for those who do not have a problem of sight, or for those who do not wish to wear mounts, anti-blue light lenses can discreetly protect the eyes against the radiation of the screens.

The CVE laboratory was the first to launch the commercialization of anti-blue light lenses: the Lens55 UV CSR . As for Mark'ennovy , he offers three references of anti-blue light lenses : Jade and Blu: ssen tials , as well as Blu: kids , a range dedicated to children , who also spend more and more time in front of screens.

In both manufacturers, the lenses have a selective blue light blocking filter, are flexible , monthly renewables , and have the advantage of filtering UVA and UVB rays . They also have the capacity, by their protection, to prevent AMD .

anti-blue light lenses 5

It's a safe bet that other manufacturers will soon be on the market for blue-light lenses and other innovations in this direction. Why not to a dedicated eye drop, for example: one of the emerging trends in the land of the rising sun?