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Color contact lenses: good or bad idea?

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Want to scare their friends or test what would give green eyes to their face? More and more manufacturers are offering color contact lenses for your customers, with or without correction. These cosmetic lenses of another kind can be subtly colored to sophisticated look, or even more festive , until the impression way cat's eye. But be careful, as with any contact lens, their use must respect certain precautions!

Color contact lenses: to change the look occasionally or daily

Who has never imagined bigger, thinner or clearer eyes? If it is difficult to change the overall appearance, simple colored contact lenses can profoundly change the look and appearance of the face … Your customers can therefore test a look that intensifies, more singular and this, in a few seconds and for a few dozen euros only.
Of a varied opacity, they can adapt to the native color of the eyes of each, whether it is dark or not. Discreet colors that will go unnoticed by strangers with the most extravagant motives, anything is allowed or almost. The only restriction is the customer's vision! Because the cosmetic lenses can also be adapted to its correction , but the choice is then limited. Unless they keep their good old glasses on their nose …

Color contact lenses: a choice that is not without risk

This may seem obvious, but it's worth mentioning: cosmetic lenses remain like other contact lenses! But in France, they are not considered a medical device . If no prior visit to an ophthalmologist is required, it is strongly recommended that the client consult beforehand, especially when his vision requires correction! For a more casual wear, the optician is as always a pleasure to inform them, especially concerning their daily and scrupulous maintenance .
In direct contact with the eye, it is important not to neglect their rules of use! It is also a must to ensure that the models sold will meet the standards in force …

lenses contact-color

So, green lenses, vampire eye or beautiful natural eyes, your customers to choose their camp , but not without your advice … and with care !