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Unexpected co-branding in the optical market

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Today, many brands from different industries are coming together to create unique products that blend their two worlds. But they are sometimes so far apart, that their collaboration surprises everyone. This happens especially in the optics sector, where associations are very common. We review the three most unexpected co-branding this year in eyewear!

Co-branding is a godsend for everyone, as it benefits from the notoriety of both brands . Some do so to reach an audience different from their usual audience, or simply to expand their product line.

French slip x Waiting for the sun

Unexpected but more than timely co-branding: that of the famous underwear brand made in France with the lunar waiter Waiting for the sun . From their association was born a pair of sunglasses in the colors of the French flag , trademark of the French Slip . A bright idea in full Euro 2016, even if the elements blue, white and red are also there to remind that the manufacture of this frame is 100% French . The model is indeed handmade in a Jura workshop .


As for the design, the frame is unisex and both brands have put their own touch of chic on it. The outer face is dressed with sober scales and the inner face of the colors of the French flag. Count 160 euros for these glasses with Zeiss lenses.

Red Bull x Michael Pachleitner

The Austrian group Michael Pachleitner has just renewed its partnership with Red Bull energy drinks for another 10 years. Both brands have created a solar collection called Red Bull Racing Eyewear , marketed since September 2012. It is fun, light and dynamic and already has some success with clubbers and fans of Formula 1, for whom they are intended.


The collection is divided into three ranges and prices range from 90 to 400 € .

The Little Prince x VisioAccess

Many children's heroes and heroines have their eyewear collection, but that was not the case with The Little Prince … so far. Thanks to this unexpected co-branding, intended for children from 2 to 8 years, this is now also the case of the famous hero of Saint-Exupéry. The models, manufactured by Cémo and distributed by VisioAccess , with Comotec flex hinges, are labeled Origine France garantie .


Regarding the style of glasses, the collection offers mostly soft colors, liberty, gingham or striped patterns. Some frames also include elements that directly recall the universe of the book : the rose, the star or the plane. A fun universe, which will surely please fans of the Little Prince!

So, convinced of the benefits of co-branding? 😉