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The Digital Companions of Optics: for a tenfold customer service!

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Advances in ICTs (information and communication technologies) help to foster links between the various players in the field of optics. Focus on some " digital companions of optics " that make the difference.

Digital companions from optics first to patient services

The optical path is certainly one of the most provided . Go to the ophthalmologist, then the optician, choice of frames, glasses, insurance … In short, for some, it can often be synonymous with obstacle course.

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In order to gain public approval, it is essential to use four elements: membership, trust, loyalty and recommendation.

These links to be woven in a solid way are also those that connect professionals to each other . Coordinated, regular and precise exchanges are in a way the nerve of war, the best way to get the support of your patient.


This is where digital comes in. And some innovations aimed at a new customer service approach have our favors.

Click4patient, a platform that aims to facilitate the relationship between optical professionals and the patient

Founded by Bruno Levrel, this platform is a tripartite patient-ophthalmologist-optician "confidence accelerator in the relationship" .

A collection of educational videos, personalized content creation, patient follow-up by email, sms or via social networks, digital account management, mobile application guidance system, Click4patient can manage the accompaniment of the patient from the beginning to the end of its course.

Discover some of its possibilities in video

CAPTIV8 + from Click4patient on Vimeo

Carte Blanche, a Chatbot Specialist in Visual Health!

Chatbots, automatic robots allowing interaction with customers , become more and more popular. Their progress is every time more impressive, their answers more and more precise and personalized.


The insurer Generali wanted to create the first conversational bot specialized in visual health , able to accompany its customers in a precise and efficient way.

To date, he is able to geo-locate an optical professional, to allow virtual fitting of frames with advice to make the right choice, but also to provide information on visual health. ]

Thanks to the enrichment of knowledge, more and more easy, the chatbot will soon integrate other talents, such as push contextualized information and making appointments online .

EyeNeed, the platform of support and making appointments!

Making appointments is also Eyeneed's creed. For the patient, it is a personalized accompaniment, thanks to a system that defines his visual needs and delivers a suitable appointment with as little delay as possible.


For professionals, it is the possibility of integrating a collaborative platform to strengthen the links between them , but also to be able to orient patients perfectly to their needs or to improve their visibility and his professional network .

Check out Eyeneed's video teaser:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVeb81bSbx8 [/ embed]

And you, which of these innovations do you prefer?