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Anti light blue concepts at opticians

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The facts are there, today we spend a lot of our days in front of screens, whether for professional or personal reasons . This use raises a new problem against which many people want to protect themselves: overexposure to blue light .

The solution? Anti blue light filters!


What is blue light?

The blue light, present in natural light, is between 380 and 500mn. On the spectrum of light, it is the part between the end of ultra violet and the beginning of the visible light.

The concern is that it is much more present in the artificial light this which poses problems in the short and long term. In the short term, it has effects on the internal clock , causing mainly sleep disturbances. In the long term, it is suspected that it promotes the breakdown of the retina and the appearance of AMD (age-related macular degeneration) …

What anti blue light solutions?

Screen filters or a pair of blue-light glasses are the easiest products to use today. The idea is obviously not to suppress the blue light as a whole but to block the harmful rays .
This emerging market with high potential is set up with manufacturers such as Nikon or Essilor who offer anti-blue light treatment of lenses
Some brands like Gunnar or Edie and Watson propose glasses to try to combine technology anti blue light and style.


The targets ? (Almost everybody

From ultra-connected geeks to office workers to people who work off-screen but connect on their way home or play on tablets, mobiles, gaming consoles-all your customers may now need to protect their eyes from the harmful effects of screens. If an adaptation time is to be expected at startup, quickly, users admit they do not want to do without …

The anti blue lights can then become an additional product of sale as a other in store? It's your turn !