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Innovative concepts at opticians

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Innovative Concepts, Opticians

The search for innovation is constant among merchants. Opticians do not escape the rule, and creativity often has to give pride of place to inspiration. Let's take a quick tour of the innovative concepts of the opticians who hit us in the eye.

The Innovative Concepts of Opticians: Looking for a Great Idea!

The famous American business magazine Fast Company publishes each year a list of the 50 most innovative companies. Among them, multinationals with vertiginous turnover like the GAFA, kings of innovation.

However, in 2015, their choice fell on … an optician ! =]

Warby Parker , originally a Pure Player (ie only sold on the Internet), markets low cost optical and solar mounts , without intermediary.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Td3HA0Et0j8 [/ embed]

The concept ? The customer chooses several pairs of glasses and receives them directly at home to try them. The success is resounding, and the brand has since opened 65 stores (physical this time) in the United States and Canada and employs over 1400 employees !

Their search for innovation is Moreover constant since May 2017, the company launched on iOS a mobile application to perform ophthalmological tests !

But if the innovation can be technical or organizational , it can also be at all levels, including customer service .

We know, for example, that parents are sensitive to shopkeepers who do their best to satisfy their toddlers. =]

Innovative Concepts-Opticiens1

It is on this principle that a couple of opticians in Ille-et-Vilaine decided to focus on the special attention given to their youngest clients. ]

In their store, a complete 20m2 space dedicated to children has been created and decorated accordingly. Adapted chairs, drawing tables, games, displays in the form of circus stands … Everything is done to reassure parents and children , for whom choosing a pair of glasses is never easy.

Technology and support

Among the innovations that we have already mentioned in several articles , 3D printing really tends to develop, precisely to offer a customized service to its customers.

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The Yuniku concept, developed by Lunettes Originales , is tailor-made from A to Z. Associated with big names in 3D printing ( Materialize ), the ophthalmic glass industry ( Hoya ), and eyewear ( Hoet ), the brand offers a 3D modeling of the face, questions about the habits and lifestyle of its customers to offer a personal and unique mount.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCu7AGx4mAU&t=58s [/ embed]

Finally, to support and support independent opticians , Eyeglasses Store , group Luz , has created its " Box Teach All Inclusive " including a turnkey management of their point of sale.

The box proposes a brand strategy and an architectural concept , a customer journey with "packaged" offers, the selection and implementation of brands , and an annual plan of animations. and communication

Innovative Concepts-Opticiens2

As we can see, the search for innovation is constantly evolving in the optics sector , with sometimes simple but effective ideas but also great technological solutions. span.

And you, do you have innovative concepts to share with us?