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The Great Brands of Optics: Etnia Barcelona

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"Not just an independent brand, but the voice of a lifestyle." This compliment is that of Vogue magazine against the Etnia Barcelona brand. The Spanish brand has, in twenty years, propelled itself to become one of the major players in optics. So much so that we have chosen to tell you about it as one of the very big brands in the sector.

Etnia Barcelona: an entry on tiptoe, then noticed!


"We are color, qualities and culture, Mediterranean, independent and rebellious. We are traditionalists and innovations. And we are also the city that inspires us: Barcelona ."
Everything is said, or almost. Founded by David Pellicier in 2001, Etnia Barcelona sees, as its name suggests, the day in Barcelona. Independent eyewear manufacturer, he moved to his grandfather's old eyewear workshop when he arrived in Catalonia.
The latter had given him, in addition to this formidable tool, everything he needed to know about the trade. Taking turns in all positions, David's idea is to revolutionize eyewear , influenced by the art and colors of Barcelona.
At a time when we focus on sobriety, on brown, gray or black shades, David Pellicier wants to bring dazzling color. In the streets, the sun is shining and the heat is reflected on the benches of Parc Guëll. It's decided, his mark, it will be this appanage of colors, this association with nature.
In a few years, the brand has become a benchmark, and works with great designers , artists, graphic designers, photographers, who are looking for something new at all costs.
Today, Etnia Barcelona is the brand in the optical sector with the most color references.

Etnia Barcelona: THE trendy brand


As we can see, the Spanish brand is the very definition of the interaction between art and optics . The most impressive thing is especially that she continues to surpass herself to stand out while remaining consistent.
Adept at communication networks and visual content, Etnia Barcelona does not just present its latest models. She highlights them through campaigns of breathtaking beauty. While continuing to seek this link between creation and imitation, between culture and nature.
On the manufacturing side, the brand's designers do not hesitate to work with high quality natural materials, such as natural acetate from Mazzucchelli or mineral glasses from Barberini .
In just under twenty years, Etnia Barcelona has in any case become a brand to rely on and whose new collections are eagerly awaited by retailers.