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The big brands of optics: Henry Jullien

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How do you recognize a great brand? To its notoriety, its know-how, its longevity? Probably thanks to all of these things. They determine considerable virtues for an artisanal and commercial actor, whether he is in the optical sector or not. This is the case of Maison Henry Jullien , which is celebrating its first century of existence in 2021. His story is first – as often – that of a man with a vision.

Henry Jullien: his vision, excellence.

There is very little information about Henry Jullien . This representative in glasses had in mind, at the very beginning of the 1920s, to propel optical frames to the same level as jewelry or fine watches! In short, glasses should no longer be used only to see better, but to become fashion accessories .

For that, what better than to set up your own factory and to do so. to do where the French eyewear industry is already recognized? Jullien therefore settled in Morez , in the Jura, in 1921. Then, in 1925, it was about sixty kilometers away, in Lons-le-Saulnier , capital of the Jura, that Jullien asked for permission. to establish a celluloid shaping workshop in Lons-le-Saunier.


Highly qualified master craftsmen are recruited to achieve its goal: to create models of impeccable quality. Strict specifications are already in place. Thus, all the frames are designed, manufactured and assembled by hand, and still today in the Jura. For each frame, there are no less than 279 operations and 4 months of work.

Around 1955, a new manufacturing workshop was built and the front building which served as a warehouse was converted into an office. In 1990, the factory moved to new premises, still in Lons-le-Saulnier, but at n ° 1840 on the route de Besançon.

Details that make the difference

The Henry Jullien brand is known for its exceptional, unique models and multiple details. From its beginnings, the factory specializes in laminated gold-lined metal frames. The house's favorite material is gold. And this is what will make it a unique manufacturer in France , and almost in the world. In fact, only two eyewear brands work with this material for their frames, including Maison Henry Jullien. Unique, you said?

This particular choice makes the brand one of the most requested in the world and it has been a long time now that in addition to the quality, the robustness of their glasses is loved all over the world, and sometimes in places you never expected.

Thus, a Russian optician working with the brand claims that only Henry Jullien glasses are able to withstand the freezing cold of Siberia and temperatures around -50 ° C! [= ]

After these first hundred years, the 'Made in Jura' glasses have a bright future ahead of them.