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The Great Brands of Optics: Persol

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The Persol brand is one of those essential brands, born at the beginning of the 20th century, when eyewear was transformed. Today, his frames are recognizable among a thousand. Popularized by Steve McQueen, the Persol 714 have become, like the Ray-Ban Aviator, essential frames that have made the history of optics. A look back at the origins of this world-renowned brand.

Persol: For the sun

In 1917, an Italian photographer, Giovanni Ratti, began manufacturing glasses for pilots. Soberly baptized 'Ratti', the company flourished quickly and offered its products just as much to motor racing drivers as to tram drivers. One model in particular will catch the eye of the army, which will want to use them for its airmen. The Protector model was a great success and allowed the company to prosper.

Strong with his success, Giovanni Ratti refocused on what was the very essence of his brand: the sports car. He offers more and more solar models and decides to adapt the name of his brand accordingly. 'Ratti' then becomes 'Persol', contraction of 'Per Il Sole' or 'For the Sun' in Italian.

A few national stars are snapping up his frames, some models of which are also offered by municipalities to their public transport drivers. Marcelo Mastroianni, in 1961, wears the 649 model in the great success "Italian Divorce", which will greatly contribute to the achievement of the next stage.

On the way to the United States

In 1962, Persol decided to establish itself in the United States. It is then that an actor will considerably propel the brand internationally. Passionate about motorsport, Steve McQueen fell in love with the Persol brand and became its most faithful ambassador. He wears the 714 model in several films, which remains the brand's emblematic model to this day.

But Persol is not just a brand that targets sex-symbol actors. Stemming from the legacy of Giovanni Ratti, the passion for innovation is still a leitmotif today. Thus, the brand pays particular attention to its Research & Development department. The search for durable and efficient materials is part of his daily life. Persol also participates in numerous expeditions, in extreme conditions, in order to test the solidity of its optical and solar lenses. Its models, timeless, will have marked the spirits.

Persol is a brand that contributes to making optics a fashion phenomenon, but not only. Eager to surpass itself, it positions itself as an innovative and always ambitious brand. In short, a great brand of optics!