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Night lenses: are we going?

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Improve your eyesight while you sleep, does this sound utopian? And yet, it is the very principle of night lenses, an alternative to conventional glasses and lenses, still little known in France. We explain the principle in this article!

How do the lenses work?

Orthokeratology consists of wearing hard -to-measure, rigid lenses that temporarily correct vision. How is it possible ? These lenses flatten very slightly the cornea of ​​the eye to reduce its curvature, thus erasing the defects of the vision. But this modification is temporary, since the cornea gradually returns to its natural form, as soon as we stop wearing them. In a few days without lenses, the defects of vision come back. That's why you must wear them every night, without forgetting to put moisturizing eye drops to avoid having dry eyes the next morning.

On the other hand, these lenses are only comfortable with closed eyes. It is not possible, for example, to use them to read or to watch television, because they must remain fixed on the eyes. They are therefore well reserved for a night port.

Night lenses: for whom?

The stronger the correction, the more the night lenses take time to act. They are therefore rather suitable for people with low or medium myopia : up to -5 diopters for myopic patients and -1.5 for astigmatism. For those who can not use surgery or who do not support conventional contact lenses during the day (especially in case of dry eye), this solution is particularly suitable even for children from 8 years. This can also be a good alternative for athletes, for whom wearing contact lenses during the day is not always ideal.

Night lenses

Note that there are some contraindications : a pathology that affects the surface of the cornea, lacrimal insufficiency or cornea too flat. This solution is also impossible to adopt in case of degenerative pathology.

Industrials: what are the benefits?

Including night lenses in its catalog can be a good idea to diversify its offer and attract more opticians. Especially since orthokeratology is still little known in France and risks becoming democratized in the coming years. It is also a good way to address a specific target directly: people with low myopia.

Some manufacturers already offer in France, this is the case of Precilens and Menicon !

Night lenses

So, do you plan to include night lenses in your catalog? 😉