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The glasses connected to the real estate service

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And if connected glasses also had their place in real estate? More and more professionals in the sector are starting to turn to this technology, which is revolutionizing the customer experience, but also that of real estate agents … And optical professionals!

Virtual reality in real estate

Finally, looking closer, we almost wonder why we did not think earlier: the connected glasses allow, among other things, to recreate scenes in three dimensions. We quickly understand what interest this technology can have for real estate professionals : it is now possible to visit the home of his dreams, through a pair of glasses connected . Thanks to their panoramic screen , the user can be immersed in the apartment or the house that has tapped in the eye, and visualize the smallest details, without even moving from his sofa.

Adapt to the digitalization of society

Some real estate professionals have already understood the value of smart glasses to adapt to an increasingly digital clientele. For customers, always more connected, it is indeed a way to visit a property that would be in another city, without having to invest in expensive journeys, or to visualize in 3D an apartment that has not yet been built. Thanks to this technology, they can project themselves and visualize all the details of the property. It is also possible to script the changes of a property after work, for example.

Bouygues Immobilier is one of the precursors in this field. The company has also tested a device connected last May in Nice: the Habiteo truck . The principle: a mobile sales area, which offers customers to view, through smart glasses , the latest connected homes built by Bouygues in the region.

How to convince real estate agents?

For optical professionals , this technology opens up a new clientele: real estate agents . To convince them to invest in smart glasses , you have many arguments. First, this technology helps to improve the visibility of their agency and to appear as a forerunner. Another advantage of virtual reality is that it makes customers more autonomous and helps them make their decision. The task of real estate agents is thus lightened!

connected glasses real estate

Virtual reality may well be the new trend in the real estate world … It's up to you to grab the wagon on the move 😉