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The trend mounts of the end of 2019

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We have come full force into the autumn, the Silmo has just closed and Christmas is fast approaching. So many good reasons to take a look at the trends that accompany the optical frames at the end of 2019.

Trends optical frames: the beautiful color

Autumn is always a colorful season. Manufacturers are inspired by it, but not only. The end of the year promises to give pride of place to a mix of soft and sparkling shades , for sublime contrasts .

Elegance and color scheme, it is precisely the bias de Lafont , with models playing on the encrustation of colored fabrics . An amazing result, at the height of high quality French know-how.

[Caption id = "attachment_10389" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] mounts-trends-end-of-year-2019-2 @Lafont [/ caption]

The colors are still at the forefront of the new range of Theo brand. Superb, the models embrace the personality of the customer and novelties, thanks to their imaginative forms, show extraordinary audacity.

[Caption id = "attachment_10393" align = "aligncenter "width =" 600 "] mounts-trends-end-of-year-2019-6 @Theo Eyewear [/ caption]

Oscillating between neutral tones and pastels and vivid and bright colors , the new collections clearly reinforce the trend already observed last year, of making the pair of glasses either an accessory that melts on the face, but that sublimates it.

The brand Etnia Barcelona puts forward this aspect thanks to a superb campaign, where models, dressed identically, demonstrate their personality by simply changing mounts.

mounts-trends-end-of-year-2019-3 @Etnia Barcelona [/ caption]

Expressive geometry!

In terms of shapes, eyewear are once again proving an overflowing imagination . Last year , we focused on light frames , metallic rendering and still traditional forms.

As the holidays approach, the geometric shapes are more marked and less orthodox. The angles are unstructured, the ovals widened, the frames free.

Among our favorites, the models of the Catalan brand Gigi Studios , whose lines are superbly highlighted, for models that are both terrifying and highly futuristic.

mounts-trends-end-of-year-2019-4 @GigiStudiosBarcelona [/ caption]

In the same vein, the Pop glasses of the French brand Roussilhe blend both bright color palettes and delicate and provocative shapes . The result is terribly expressive and makes you want!

[Caption id = "attachment_10392" align = "aligncenter" width = "600"] mounts-trends-end-of-year-2019-5 @Roussilhe [/ caption]

This end of the year is therefore placed under a certain expression of pop culture. The colors underline the extreme desire to stand out. At a time when the image has become the symbol of a reality to be created, the telescope becomes a total process of affirmation .

And you, what are your models? of heart ?