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The Essential of Optics, "Eyes-Road and EDI, the winning bet for tomorrow"

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Announcements Optics, "Eyes-Road intensifies its com" Article published on page 24 of the Essentiel de l'Optique of November 2015.

Leader of exchanges and dematerialized transactions on the optical market via its EDI platform, Eyes-Road proposes solutions for all actors in the optics. And now extends to optical stores. An essential tool for rethinking the future from two keys: productivity and customer relationship.

The new, totally free offer of Eyes-Road is called Autonomy. It is aimed at all opticians via their point-of-sale management software. This application makes it possible to download the suppliers' standardized catalogs and to upload their product orders safely and independently. The Eyes-Road platform also informs them in real time of the launch of new catalogs. Shared information in real time: a real guarantee of saving time and productivity!

Already 800 opticians have connected to this new Eyes-Road service. Access to catalogs and prices in real time allows them to immediately calculate their selling prices and margins; when you know that with paper catalogs a professional could put a month before integrating a new tariff, during which time he was losing money. Lastly, the EDI makes it possible to redeploy the time saved in favor of the customer relationship.

In terms of industry, the platform has designed several levels of services from a single exchange format that harmonises all data flows. information and guarantees a fast and reliable treatment, with updating of the catalogs and immediate distribution to all outlets.

The future will not be played without EDI, which turns out the instrument of productivity and economic and strategic intelligence of the sector

In order to familiarize professionals with this new ecosystem, Eyes-Road has since this year created thematic training and development online, and this for free. 30-minute "Webinars" (web-based seminars), followed by a question and answer game of the same duration.

Eyes-Road has just recruited a community manager to animate social networks and share the news of the platform. A blog is online from Silmo on the website www.eyes-road.com. A very complete arsenal to allow everyone to better appropriate the considerable opportunities that are opened by the exchange of computerized data.

Eyes-Road in a few figures

The Eyes-Road EEIG brings together 88 members: 7 distributors, 22 software publishers, 9 contact laboratories, 25 eyewear manufacturers, 21 glassmakers, 4 VPcistes. In a sluggish market, more than 7.5 million order transactions have passed through the platform in the last twelve months. The number of electronic catalogs proposed is 420, for a hundred industrials represented. In constant increase, the opticians connected to the platform are more than 9400: 6000 download the catalogs and 3000 place orders.

Press relations: Dominique Cattezd.cattez@eyes-road.com