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Announcements Optics, "Eyes-Road intensifies its com"

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Announcements Optics, "Eyes-Road intensifies its com" Article published on page 60 of the Announcements of Optics, supplement Fashion & Trends of October 2015.

the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG) Eyes-Road, specialist in dematerialized transactions on the market of optics, intends to gain visibility with opticians.

Opticians are increasingly convinced of the value of EDI, the electronic data interchange. Every day, Eyes-Road makes this observation through its "Autonomy" offer, which, since the end of 2013, has allowed opticians to connect in-store, via their management software, to their platform dedicated to dematerialized transactions. They select and download supplier catalogs, starting with those of eyewear manufacturers. To share its news beyond the regular production of Idea Exchanges (newsletters for opticians) and Exchange of Optics (newsletters for central purchasing / signs, software and industrial publishers), the EEIG directed by Philippe Cellier is now active on social networks: Facebook , Twitter , LinkedIn and Viadéo . At the same time, on its YouTube channel, Eyes-Road regularly publishes video testimonials with the aim of presenting the benefits that day-to-day data exchange offers for opticians.

To help them with their To fully take ownership of the tools made available by Eyes-Road, a training component has also been set up. Free online training has been designed for all users. These "webinars" (webinars) consist of a demonstration on the application via a screen sharing of about thirty minutes, followed by half an hour of questions and answers by chat. " Our audience was very satisfied with this initiative, " says Denis Boixel, Head of Technical Support and in charge of these trainings. " The content is concise, effective and allows you to become familiar with the tool in less than an hour ". In September and November, new thematic modules have been programmed that will include the loading and distribution of electronic catalogs or the management of the multi-format electronic catalogs (old vs new version / OptimEyes vs OPTOv11 standard).

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