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OL [MAG], "Webinars signed Eyes-Road to train at EDI"

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OL [MAG], "Webinars signed Eyes-Road to train at EDI" Article published on page 19 of the OL [MAG] of September 2015.

The specialist in computerized exchanges (EDI) on the optical market conceives free trainings online for the users of IDDIC, the platform for translation, hosting and distribution of electronic catalogs, launched a year ago (an optician enrolls there per day). These webinars last an hour in total: half an hour of demonstration, followed by half an hour of questions and answers by chat. In the last quarter of 2014, some fifteen sessions were organized, bringing together 120 users.

New modules are scheduled for September and November. They cover the loading and distribution of electronic catalogs, the management of their multi-format and the management of their sending campaigns. Remember that since the end of 2013, Eyes-Road's "Autonomy" offer allows opticians to select and download suppliers' standardized catalogs through their management software: an optician per day is registered on the IDDIC platform. and the number of opticians tele-transmitting their electronic orders has increased by 20% since the launch of this offer.

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