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OL [MAG], "Eyes-Road offers its new Sell Out service"

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Eyes-Road offers its new Sell Out service

Article published on www.opticien-presse.fr on December 21, 2017.

The EEIG Eyes-Road, which celebrated its 15th birthday in 2017, expands its offers to help opticians and suppliers optimize their orders and inventory.

Presented at Silmo 2017, the Sell Out service was requested by opticians surveyed by Eyes-Road. For their part, a large number of software and industrial publishers are ready to exchange this sales information. " In concrete terms, as soon as an optician sells a mount, the information is sent to his supplier. Manufacturers are thus aware of the models most requested by customers and those who are less so. They can thus anticipate the production, which will have among other advantages to reduce the time of delivery in store ", explains Philippe Cellier, general manager of Eyes-Road.

This new offer will be the object, in 2018, enhanced communication including through a video. At the same time, the EEIG is continuing its training in the form of webinars, particularly for new users of the "Freedom" and "Freedom +" offers (intended for manufacturers wishing to distribute their catalogs and receive electronic orders) and "Autonomy" (for opticians who want to download free electronic catalogs.)

Eyes-Road brings together 88 members. More than 10 million order transactions passed through the platform between October 2016 and October 2017 (+ 7%). More than 11,500 opticians are connected, which represents an increase of + 22% compared to 2015.

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