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OL [MAG], "The store software, new business driver ..."

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OL [MAG], "The store software, new business driver ..." File published on page 28 of the OL [MAG] of May 2016.

Originally a simple management tool, point-of-sale software becomes a global solution which, in a context of increased competition, helps you to support changes in the business, to differentiate yourself, to anticipate customer expectations or to manage your teams.

In an increasingly complex business environment, the store software is a multitasking employee able to reduce the administrative burden, optimize its offer, communicate effectively with customers and specifiers, enhance your professionalism … without fatigue or crashes!

For publishers, this means developing a multitude of features and adopting a global approach.

Eyes-Road , as an EDI translation platform, benefits from a broad view of the needs of the sector and agrees in the same direction: for its director, Philippe Cellier, the software must cover (almost) all the needs of the user and, as far as their services are concerned, the innovation essentially lies in the complete and transparent integration between the platform and the software, " so much so that the optician gets all the information he wants (price, availability, visuals, reports of s orders, etc.) without having to leave his software, without having to connect to an Internet site (s), to call a supplier (s) to obtain the information expected … "[= ]
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