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Optics in Pharmacy: an Ineluctable Mutation?

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For decades, before becoming independent, opticians were in pharmacies . Indeed, the wearing of glasses was then exclusively a medical device , not yet a fashion accessory ( read our record on the glasses through the ages ). Today, there are more and more corners of correction mounts in pharmacies. So, is this return to optics in pharmacy inevitable?

Pharmacy optics: the consumer is ready!

A recent study showed that 42% of French people are ready to buy their mounts in pharmacy . This figure, not insignificant, shows that the pharmacist has a certain credibility in terms of service and expertise.


The main issue for the consumer is mainly proximity and grouping . Thus, they are already several to have decided to embark on the trade of spectacles in pharmacy.

The leader on the market, it is Square of the Optics , but others also exist, with some experience in the key, as Universe Pharmacy , which also offers optical devices.

More recently, optic 2000 also invested the promising market of in optics in alliance with Otiko . Alain Afflelou has chosen to offer his Happy View frames in pharmacy , so that it does not impact his franchisees.

A market subject to innovation

If it's a homecoming, selling in a pharmacy does not just mean selling in the traditional way . Many ways to buy glasses in pharmacy now exist, especially through digital .

And yes! If "physical" rays are still the most numerous, digital innovation has not missed its entry into the pharmacy!

optical-en-drug stores2

Connected terminals, remote opticians, digital booths … other solutions exist, revealing the desire to always offer more services to the consumer.

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Market research needed for pharmacists

However, it is necessary, before launching an optical corner in his pharmacy , to ensure several conditions, including sufficient and regular attendance . Square Optics offers a turnkey solution , with complete market research before launching.


There is also a great need to worry about the status of the stock (consignment or pharmacist's property), the percentage of the turnover donated, or of course , quality of the material provided.

Here is some information about the different offers:

  • Square of optics (Unilens): corner of 15 to 20 m 2 , 300 to 600 frames exposed, ticket of entry of 70 000 to 90 000 € HT. The equilibrium point to make the material investment profitable is reached around 1.6 pair of glasses sold per day.
  • Zoom + (WebOptician): corner of 10 m 2 , exposure of 650 mounts, installation from 800 € HT per month during 7 years. Balance at 30 pairs a month.
  • The whole universe of optics (Univers Pharmacy): corner of 20 to 30 m 2 , 800 to 1000 frames exposed, installation from 30 000 € HT. Balance at 1.5 pairs a day.
  • Optic & Price (Direct Labo): corner of 8 m 2 , exhibition of 300 frames, installation for 500 € HT per month for 5 years. Balance at 3-4 pairs a month.
  • The Optician according to Evioo: cabin of 5 m 2 , 5000 mounts in virtual fitting in augmented reality, installation for less than 30 000 € HT. Balance at 1 pair per day of presence of the optician.
  • Otiko with Optic 2000: display 70 to 140 cm long, 100 frames exposed, entrance fee of € 1,750 excluding tax for the pharmacist and as much for Optic optician

Faced with a growing offer, and subject to technological innovations, optics in pharmacy seems to have a bright future ahead of it. To be continued …

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