Optics on YouTube

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Influencers , training centers, orthoptists…Several optical players have chosen to promote their work on Youtube. A brief overview.

Optics on Youtube, an ideal platform to introduce yourself

Very few independent opticians are present, in any case active on YouTube. This is especially the case for major brands and training centers. Among these, the chain of the ISO (Institut Supérieur d'Optique) does not have a multitude of content to present its training. All training courses are decrypted there, and the floor is given to students, graduates, recruiters and trainers.

https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=eWkW9KBwGh4&ab_channel=InstitutSup%C3%A9rieurd%27Optique-ISO

We can also mention the channel "Le coin des orthoptistes", with its 2500 subscribers, which gives pride of place to questions that can be asked about optical health issues. Glaucoma, blue light, vision defects… Some of their videos have been viewed over 20,000 times! Samuel Demarlière, orthoptist graduated from the Faculty of Bordeaux in 2000, concocts two monthly videos to inform, raise awareness, alert.

https://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=PC-G73-yKt4&ab_channel=Lecoindesorthoptistes

Successful influencers

Anne-Sophie Lapetite has been an optician since 2011. Her nickname? AnsoStyle. Her dearest wish? Open your store. Quickly, she understands that she can develop her activity, transmit her passion and make herself known via social networks. She then created a Youtube channel to talk about fashion, but especially optics. And it works ! 20,000 subscribers on Youtube, 100,000 on Instagram. Not bad is not it ? On the program, advice for choosing glasses, videos on myopia, astigmatism, or even feedback on the fairs in which she was able to participate.

Its content stands out with its passion for the profession and his good humor. It was in 2017 that his dream came true. She sets up her optical store in Antibes, La Petite Lunette . Her Instagram account explodes and she is now the first French optical influencer. A success which, without a doubt, should increase the notoriety of his store and his professionalism.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v =eEVWSREHRRw&ab_channel=AnSoStyle

Ansostyle is also passionate about fashion and now offers an e-shop of its "colliettes" creations on its website !

An example of an alternative model in a changing sector

While the optics industry is in the midst of being challenged and experiencing recruitment difficulties, the examples of Samuel and Anne-Sophie are revealing of the possibilities offered by the professions of 'optical. In the same way as mobility or opportunity , it is the way to live and make the profession live differently. But also to provide advice through a communication channel other than that of the store or the firm.

Using social networks to promote your business is one of the many ways in which optics players also have the ability to modify the perception that people in the profession have. Ansostyle is perfectly aware of this and has chosen to use its influence to respond to the objections and criticisms, sometimes very harsh, that the optician's profession may experience. "We are involved in our profession and we know the reality on the ground. Unfortunately, our image has been tarnished by some media in search of sensationalism… It is therefore up to us to make up for the damage. I would tend to say that the best way is to prove our professionalism on a daily basis. And to highlight all the little-known parts of our profession and which give it its value."

Alternative models have always had good press at Eyes-Road. Innovation, in the field of marketing and communication, makes it possible to realize how much the optical sector is capable of growing. This kind of initiative, this new way of exercising one's profession, is a service rendered, as an example, for the entire profession. No doubt other models will follow.