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Lunetiers: how to treat your shopping experience?

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For a eyewear professional, it may be wise to focus on the buying experience to attract opticians and attract consumers. We detail some mechanics.

Ensuring that the consumer has a good time in the shop and a real shopping experience that he will remember is already the goal of some opticians. And they do not hesitate to use the digital tools in their possession: touch tablets, augmented reality mirror, making their shop a real connected store . But what to do when one is an industrialist, who does not have a physical shop?

Why bet on the buying experience?

buying experience

It is possible to offer consumers, through its optician customers, interesting offers in terms of purchasing experience . But rather than spice up the shopping journey in the shop, it is here to offer additional services , even gifts. The French are indeed more and more demanding at this level. They are even 56% to say they do not buy from a seller after an unsatisfactory purchase experience .

You therefore have every interest in innovating and thinking about attractive solutions. Objective: encourage consumers to choose you for their frames and / or lenses, but also attract opticians, who will be more likely to offer your products in stores.

Gifts: What are the benefits?

buying experience

Some eyewear companies, such as Opal , have chosen to focus on gifts to attract customers. And especially young customers, since for each order of a pair of child's glasses, a gift of the brand is systematically offered. A very good way to seduce parents at the same time and why not, to encourage them to come back for their next glasses, especially if they have several children!

Recycling: a good idea?

buying experience

Another technique that can be very profitable: take the old corrective lenses of consumers, for any purchase of the brand. This is the offer of recovery currently offered Essilor , among opticians who are part of its label "Opticians engaged" . In detail, the brand pays back € 50 to the customer for any purchase of Varilux corrective lenses and goes up to € 100, when it comes to progressive lenses of the same brand. The technique is well established, as it allows both to reach ecologically engaged consumers, but also to promote its recent label of optician partners. Please note that the offer is valid until June 30, 2017.

So, want to further heal your shopping experience? 😉