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Anti-glare glasses: a plus for driving

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Already commercially available but still relatively unknown to the general public, anti-glare glasses are essential for its safety, especially for night driving. How to present them? What are the latest innovations in the field? We try to clear you up!

Contrasts of light, another danger on the road!

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Our eyes have the ability to adapt to the brightness around us, which is why a sudden change in the brightness can affect them.
[ =] How many times have we complained that someone turns on the light suddenly after a long night?

On the road, it's the same. At night, our eyes are not prepared to be dazzled . But when we cross other vehicles, the headlights light entails a risk, for the discomfort it causes, but also for safety.

For our attention is, for a few seconds, put failing that. Knowing that night driving generates 40% of serious or fatal accidents, prevention is not to be taken lightly!

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Performance in constant progress

These glare-free glasses , thanks to specific filters, reduce the blindness generated by LED or Xenon headlamps and increase color contrasts . This allows our eyes to be less alternated between darkness and light .

In commerce, there are now a large number of anti-glare devices, glasses or sur-glasses , of all types and all quality.

Of course, if these glasses are not always optimal, some brands have looked at the subject to try to offer users ever more performance .

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This is the case of Zeiss France , which created the DriveSafe lens using Luminance Design Technology on optical frames, to offer better vision in low light conditions. , reduce glare from headlights during the night (the lens treatment reduces the glare by 64%) and ensure clear vision when alternating the viewing areas (dashboard, road, mirrors). ]

If we start to highlight the development of photochromic lenses to ensure optimal safety, the Blueberry brand has already launched its Night Drive , to reduce visual fatigue . The glasses filter 40% of the waves up to 590nm, thus offering good performances.

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Of course, wearing these glasses does not prevent you from taking breaks while driving, or having your eyes checked by a professional!