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Hearing glasses in store: how are we doing?

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Nearly 3 million French people have both visual and auditory problems. But because of the lack of practicality of wearing both solutions, a large part of them choose the visual correction. However, there is a solution to combine the two, without neglecting his hearing: hearing glasses. We will explain everything to you !

Hearing glasses: how does it work?

Hearing glasses are glasses that incorporate, at the end of their branches, hearing aids . The device is ideal for people who have visual and auditory problems, because it is sometimes difficult to fit both behind the flag of the ear. A problem that affects many people, since 90% of people using hearing aids wear glasses.

Hearing glasses

Why adopt hearing glasses?

The main advantage of this system is that it allows to have only one and the same object to correct both his eyesight and his hearing. In addition, it is very discreet , without abandoning the aesthetics and trend. Hearing glasses are also easy to handle and the support is reinforced. No more hearing aids that fall and are afraid of losing!

The device can even be 100% high-tech , because it benefits from the latest technological innovations in both areas: adjustable by remote control, some pairs are connected to a Bluetooth system and can receive television or telephone directly from the hearing aids . An undeniable gain in terms of comfort!

Hearing glasses

For eyewear, it is also a way to expand their offer and attract more opticians . Especially since few brands have, for the moment, adopted this type of device. It can also be a way to expand the circle of their partners and get closer to manufacturers of hearing aids, to design frames that fit their models.

Where to find hearing glasses?

Several hearing care professionals such as Audiologys or Minitone Audition have turned to hearing glasses . This is also the case for some eyewear companies such as Optical Center and its Lukkas Audio collection.

Hearing glasses

Other brands, such as Acuitis , offer sleeves , which allow to integrate his hearing aid to his pair of glasses, even if we did not buy the two together. The advantage of this type of device is that it minimizes unwanted noise, inevitable when you put the glasses on his nose or remove them. This is also the case for AudiVue sockets from Siemens , which adapt to the brand's devices. For that, it is enough to possess glasses with metallic mount. Siemens is also a partner of the Beausoleil eyewear manufacturer , which offers different frames compatible with AudiVue sleeves.

So, are you convinced by hearing glasses? Do you sell in stores? Tell us ! 😉