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Baby glasses: what specificities?

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The sight of young children is particularly sensitive ! Indeed, the eyes of these are built during their first six years. That is why it is essential to protect them and in some cases to correct the sight at the earliest. Whether they are by sight and / or solar, we take stock of the specificities of baby glasses !

During her first few months, the baby is examined at all angles by her pediatrician. When there is the slightest doubt about his vision, he will refer the parents to an ophthalmologist. Thus, in some cases (strabismus, amblyopia , refractive errors …) the wearing of glasses can be recommended from a very young age. This is particularly the case when the visual disturbance can disturb the development or quality of life of the child.

Baby glasses: how to choose them?

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Kaliboo , technical glasses suitable for children from 0 to 36 months.

Baby glasses are not miniature adult glasses! And for good reason, until about two years, the cartilages of the young children are not quite trained: the babies do not have a nasal bridge ! That's why the vast majority of baby glasses on the market have a rounded shape that fits their little nose. For the same reason, they often use non-slip frames . It is therefore essential that baby glasses be comfortable and morphologically adapted .

The lightweight frames, flexible branches or NH, are in favor. These are more resistant to the pitfalls of baby's life and are less likely to cause "sores" in the event of a fall. Ideally, the materials used will be non-toxic and hypoallergenic !

To increase support and avoid possible losses, an elastic band can also be proposed. Whether directly on the model, or accessory in complementary sale.

Regarding the shape of glasses, the glasses with high lenses that cover the entire eye are also preferable. The eyes of children will often be turned upward: towards the world of adults.

Also, it is important to offer regular follow-up to clients to adapt the frames to the child's growth and to avoid any discomfort.

Baby glasses: focus on the solar

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Izipizi offers a solar range suitable for all ages from the first months.

Toddlers' lens is growing along with them! Thus the vast majority of UVA and almost half of UVB are not filtered. The choice of sunglasses for baby glasses is not to be taken lightly: they must imperatively comply with European standards . And this is for a walk in town, at the beach or in the mountains!

If polycarbonate is almost mandatory, it is because it offers the best of protection, it is lightweight and ultra resistant . Anti-scratch and polarized treatments are also proposed, for obvious reasons.

The "first age" is a clientele in its own right that should not be neglected! Babies are to be pampered, either by offering them a range adapted and diversified, or even playful equipment to capture their attention during fittings. Baby will become big, and future client?