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Trend: the boom of jewelry glasses

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Gold, precious stones and minute details, it is not a pair of earrings, but a spectacle frame! The jewelry glasses, which beautify the face while correcting the view, are indeed part of trends of the year 2017. Opticians, and if it was time to order for your store?

The glasses, jewels like the others?

jewelry glasses

Many eyewear companies have chosen to stick to one of the strong trends of this year and to offer, in their 2017 collection, highly worked, sometimes luxurious, jewelry glasses . This is the case of Jelbec and his new mounts inspired by fine jewelry, all made in France. The branches are silver and encrusted with precious stones: diamonds, gold, sapphires and rubies, depending on the pair. A choice that was not made by chance by the brand, since the two founders of Jelbec , Baptiste and Claire Jullien, are respectively optician and jeweler .

But it's not just about fashionable frames with luxurious materials to keep up with the trend. The idea is also to think of these glasses as a real gem , which can beautify the faces. This is the focus of the Eyefunc brand, which launched this year a new collection with a very elaborate design. Dore, minute details and more rounded: Jelbec at home, the designer of Eyefunc was able to capitalize on its experience in the world of jewelry. The goal here is to adapt to all faces and sublimate them!

A trend adopted by the stars

The trend of jewelry glasses is also very popular with the most influential stars . Among them are the singers Rihanna , Beyoncé and Lady Gaga , or even the actress Robin Wright . The common point of these four celebrities: they all adopted the solar brands Kering Eyewear Group (Gucci, Puma, Yves Saint Laurent). These glasses are all eccentric and often have oversize shapes , crystal inlays or fluorescent colors .

jewelry glasses

For stars, jewelry glasses are a way to assert their influence and stand out by attracting attention, while following the trend .

Jewelery glasses: a safe bet

Yet the concept is far from new. Already in 2012, Chanel launched its baroque model, carved like a goldsmith 's jewel , with aged gold.

glasses jewelry

For some brands like Henry Jullien , jewelery tradition and creation eyewear are even intimately linked from the beginning. Since 1921, the lunetier has been working with gold on his mounts and has even since adopted gemstones . The analogy with the jewel is followed to the end, since with each pair, the wearer receives a certificate of authenticity. Each mount is also numbered and therefore unique. It is even the signature of the eyewear to the historical know-how!

So, convinced to integrate jewelry glasses to your catalog? 😉