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Ecology: zoom on the biodegradable glasses

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Will we all soon be wearing frames made from corn, wood or seaweed? Biodegradable eyewear is becoming more and more popular in the optical sector as we seek to minimize our impact on the planet.
Panorama of materials used in the manufacture of these glasses.

When glasses become biodegradable

A pair of plastic glasses take 400 years to break down, not to mention polluting residues that remain in nature. At a time when we are always looking to reduce our waste and save the resources available, some optics manufacturers have decided to take up this issue and design glasses models in biodegradable materials . Because this is the major evolution of this type of frame: provide an alternative to the classic plastic , very rich in oil, which is usually used to produce glasses .

biodegradable glasses

Indicates that eco-responsible issues are gaining more and more place in the optical sector : there are today some eco-designed optical stores , which have chosen to put respect for the environment at the heart of their approach. This is notably the case with Sébastien Bétend's L'Optique , located near Lyon. In this store, the frames are made in France , the construction materials are ecological and a solar control has been installed, to limit heating in winter.

Biodegradable glasses: what materials?

But what are these famous eco-friendly materials used to produce these biodegradable frames ? For some models, these are naturally occurring components. For others, we are in pure innovation and the creation of new materials.

Materials of natural origin

  • Corn: Demetz Optique Sport , forerunner in the field, launched in 2010 frames made of PLA (polylactic acid), obtained from the fermentation of a sugar or a starch, here corn. A material already used in the industry to produce transparent cups or disposable tableware.
  • Algae: the small French company Algopack specialized in bioplastics , produced from brown algae harvested in Brittany, and began to manufacture glasses in 2015 with this innovative material . The people of Naoned also released the same year, a collection of solar products made from seaweed.

biodegradable glasses

  • Wood: several optics manufacturers have chosen wood to produce their biodegradable frames . This is the case of Woodlun's , ShinyWood and Ozed . We were, moreover, interested in the boom of wooden glasses , a few months ago, on the blog of Eyes-Road!

The created materials

  • The Natural PX: Neubau Eyewear chose to rely on this 100% innovative and biodegradable material, composed of polymer and castor oil. A great way to minimize the production of waste in the manufacturing process of its frames.

biodegradable glasses

  • Biodegradable plastic: There are different forms of plastic, some of which are much more environmentally friendly. Crafting Plastics chose this material to produce its solar collection.

We are ready to bet that more and more alternatives like these will emerge in the coming years! 😉