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Connected glasses: should you invest?

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Take a photo, record a video, search or request a route … All of this is now possible without having to take out your smartphone with the connected glasses. But a few years after its birth, this technology has not finished developing.

How it works ?

We talk a lot about it, but few really know how it works. Equipped with a high-definition camera, a microphone, an audio receiver and a mini-screen directed by voice command , simply connected glasses with a simple Wi-Fi connection to be operational. With them, it is possible to film what you see directly, or to display information on the lenses, superimposed on the real images of his field of vision.

Example of a day with glasses connected in FUTUREMAG, Arte's magazine:

Their first advantage is that they can be used without the hands , since they are put on like classic glasses. No need, therefore, to hold them to be able to use them. Hands are free to activate an application, or to perform specific and targeted actions. This opens a field of almost infinite possibilities: medicine, security, military … Last February, for example, at the Saint-Gregoire hospital in Rennes, it is with Google glasses on the nose that a doctor performed a particularly complex intervention, allowing one of his colleagues to follow him live from Japan.

An offer that is developing

Since the emergence of this technology, some brands have seized the phenomenon. In first line: Google with its Google Glass . On the market since late 2013, they had, at the time, much talked about them, without causing the tsunami expected.

Other brands then followed suit. Among the most famous, Oculus with its Oculus Rift , but also French brands, such as Optinvent and its ORA glasses. The start-up first launched augmented reality glasses for professionals, before creating in late 2015, a more mainstream version: the ORA-X . At first glance, it looks like a classic audio headset. But it is, in fact, a mini-computer with a transparent screen, which is placed directly in the user's field of vision. Thus, it is possible to play games, watch movies or videos, but also to take pictures. The ORA-X is currently available for pre-order. Its price, if it remains more accessible than that of Google Glass, is still $ 349.


Connected glasses … And more

Today, the feature field offered by connected glasses is almost endless. There are, for example, smart glasses that make it easy to follow your physical activity . These are the Level , created by the VSP Global group. Like fitness wristbands, they count the number of steps, the calories burned and the time spent activating, using different sensors hidden in the frame . A simple connection with your smartphone by bluetooth then allows to recover the measured data.

But the information that has been the most recent eddy in terms of optics, is the announcement of the output of new sunglasses Shows , launched by Snapchat. Equipped with two mini cameras, they can capture, after a simple pressure on the branches, 10-second films – the classic duration of a "snap" on the mobile application. The idea is then to transfer these videos to his smartphone and share them with his friends. Sold 130 dollars, they will be available in three colors: black, blue and red. What to bounce the market of connected glasses?

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Maybe it's time to invest and rush into the breach? 😉