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Connected glasses: when eyewear

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After start-ups like Optinvent and giants like Snapchat , it's time for eyewear to take the concept of connected glasses. Atol, Optic 2000 and even Oakley: zoom on three optical professionals who knew how to detect the trend at the right time.

We have already presented on this blog the concept of connected glasses . Equipped with a high-definition camera, a microphone, an audio receiver and a mini-screen directed by voice command. they allow to film directly what we see, but also often to display information about our lenses, over the real images of our field of vision .

Atol: geolocation and assistance to seniors

Among the optical professionals who have seized on this booming trend is Atol . Indeed, the eyewear has already launched two models of glasses connected in recent years:

  • Téou (2015): geolocalisable connected glasses . The concept ? Allow the wearer to find his mount , wherever it is. For that, it is enough for him to download the dedicated mobile application , which is connected to an electronic chip, implanted in one of the branches of the glasses . Also note for heads in the air: the system can also find his smartphone, pressing the branch glasses with his fingers!

connected glasses

  • Senior Care (2018): smart glasses for isolated and fragile seniors , developed in partnership with a leader in the care of the elderly. We still do not know much about this new concept , which should come into being in September 2018. What we know, however, is its main objective: to minimize falls and accidents of everyday life, unfortunately very common in seniors.

Optic 2000: fighting against falling asleep at the wheel

The positioning is different for Optic 2000 , who chose to take on a health issue, too often neglected by motorists: falling asleep at the wheel . For this, he has partnered with the start-up Ellcie-Healthy , at the origin of this innovative project. How it works ? The glasses alert the driver at the first sign of falling asleep, either by flashing red LEDs, by a vibration of their mount, or, when connected to a smartphone, by a special ring. The idea is to prevent the driver from falling asleep, by alerting him as soon as possible, so that he can pass the steering wheel to a passenger, or at least, tidy on the low side to take a nap . The product should arrive in store in early 2018!

connected glasses

Oakley: serving athletes

When the Oakley eyewear, it is the sportsmen that he continues to address with his concept of smart mounts , released in 2013. The target is even more specific, since it is a model for lovers of mountain skiing , called Airwave Goggle . In addition to filtering ultraviolet rays, these connected glasses allow you to record information about ski runs, but also to listen to music and even make calls.

Since then, Oakley has also released a more elaborate model, the pace radar , in collaboration with Intel and Luxottica . His particuliarity ? It can record the performance of athletes and coach them in real time.

With the rise of these technologies, new models should still see the day in 2018! 😉