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Driving glasses: is it necessary?

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When we drive, our eyes are put to the test. Glare from the sun or the headlights of cars, fog, reflection of light on wet ground … Not to mention other users and signs. To allow us to ride safely, know that there are now glasses specifically designed for driving. We do the inventory.

Everyday glasses optimized for driving

Investing in a second pair of glasses dedicated to driving is not necessarily within the reach of all budgets. With the mount and specialized glasses, the bill can quickly climb. To remedy this, manufacturers have created dedicated glasses, adaptable to everyday frames. If they are effective in improving visual comfort while driving, it is mainly thanks to a powerful antireflection treatment, useful in semi-darkness.

That's the concept of Zeiss DriveSafe lenses . In addition to making vision easier in low light conditions, they are equipped with DuraVision® antireflection coating . Note that they also exist in progressive version. This type of lens is usually poorly suited to driving, which requires going from one plane to another without stopping. DriveSafe progressive lenses are designed to make it easy for people to adjust their eyes as they move from the road to the dashboard or mirrors.


Polarized lenses

If, on the other hand, you want to buy driving glasses, it is advisable to choose solar polarized lenses . This type of lens offers enhanced protection against glare , filtering light and reducing annoying reflections. Those caused by a wet road or snow, for example. Another advantage of polarized lenses: they are tinted, which offers a better perception of contrasts and colors . Convenient to see vehicles arriving in the opposite direction earlier. Note that category 4 solar is prohibited for driving because their filtering power is too important.

Some manufacturers like Optic 2000 offer a wide range. Other brands have even specialized in polarizing lenses. This is the case of Polariz and his dozens of pairs of sunglasses, mounted polarized lenses.


The case of photochromic lenses

Photochromic lenses are tinted to natural outdoor brightness and can therefore be recommended for this type of use. Be careful, however, because only a few manufacturers offer photochromic lenses compatible with driving. Indeed, the windshield of cars blocks the light and prevents the glasses from darkening in case of strong light. This significantly increases the risk of dazzling driving.

To avoid this, some brands such as Transitions , offer a range of photochromic lenses specifically designed to ride. At Transitions, this is the Drivewear range. When exposed to light, his glasses take on a copper color. This allows to improve the perception of the depth , but also to emphasize the reds and greens , frequently used on the road signs.


So, convinced to invest in driving glasses? 😉