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Offset glasses: our favorite models of 2017

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Flowers, knots, vivid colors: as every year, many models of very offbeat glasses are released in 2017. Whether they are intended for podiums or the general public, they have been the delight of fans of optical and opticians this year. Industrialists: why not inspire yourself? We give you our favorite models!

The stars of the podiums

It's often on the catwalks that we are used to seeing the most original glasses . High fashion houses compete with creativity and daring to create each year the most incredible frames, which are worn by fashion models during fashion week . Among the most original models of this year, we can mention the solar Dolce & Gabbana show last September during the fashion week in Milan, blending flowers and folk spirit. For the creators of the brand, it was a question of recalling their Italian values.

staggered glasses

Another trend on the podium this year, less extravagant but just as offbeat: Matrix sunglasses . Very thin, with a frame almost invisible, they almost remind the eye protection of the UV cabins. Several designers have also surfed this trend in 2017. This is the case of Balenciaga , Courrèges and Miu Miu . A trend that contrasts with those of previous years, where it was customary to see models wearing very bulky frames.

Offset glasses: the general public too!

As for the models intended for the general public, if they are logically less impressive than those of the podiums, some of them nevertheless knew how to make speak about them in 2017. Here are our top 3 of the most original frames outings this year, whether by concept or design:

  • VegeTarian : a very surprising collection , aimed at "vegetarian, humanitarian, egalitarian, frugivorous and unconventional". Fruit of the collaboration of Jeremy Tarian with ic! berlin , the VegeTarian collection offers three models, available in five different colors, named after the creator's five favorite foods – all vegetarian – as Apar asparagus, B as beet, C as zucchini, D as dragon fruit and E as shallot.

staggered glasses

  • Ronit Fürst : For his first wave of marketing in France, the Israeli artist, who gave his name to the brand, decided to launch a new collection very offbeat . Its originality? The avalanche of colors used in the design of its frames. Conceived from transparent acetate, the glasses are hand painted in very bright colors: pink, turquoise, orange, etc.

staggered glasses

  • Hello Kitty : designed for lovers of the famous little white cat, the Hello Kitty solar model has also been released this year. In a style very 60s, the glasses are surmounted by the mythical little red bow and sold with a case illustrated with the colors of Hello Kitty.

staggered glasses

So what's your favorite staggered glasses model? 😉