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Wooden glasses: towards a greener future?

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In recent years, wooden glasses have become more and more popular in the optician's department. Design and ecological, they have indeed many advantages, as much for the carriers, as for the professionals of the optics. We will explain everything to you !

Wooden glasses: how is it possible?

A few years after their arrival on the optical market, wooden glasses of all shapes and colors continue to make fans. But how can one make glasses with wood? This is to shape the frame, before assembling it. After the precursors like Ozed in 2012, or Rezin in 2014, other start-ups and optics manufacturers have set themselves up. Some even went solo like Ludovic Donat-Magnin , creator of the brand Arka and cabinetmaker training.

wooden glasses

Making wooden glasses is also a great opportunity to test new innovative assembly techniques. Woodlun's start-up, for example, launched in 2014 a collection of glasses made of "glue laminated", including oak, beech or ash, coupled with recycled precious woods. The idea here is to superimpose and assemble thin sheets of wood, of different hardnesses. The advantage of this technique is that it allows to build solid and lightweight frames . And in addition, she always allows to choose the color of her glasses!

wooden glasses

Opticians: why opt for wood?

First of all, it must be said that the concept has been in fashion for several years. By choosing to market wooden glasses in your shop, you risk to please the greatest number, especially to a trendy and dynamic clientele. Indeed, there are hundreds of different models, aesthetics and design just as neat as classic models.

But the most notable advantage of this type of glasses is that wood is a renewable energy , unlike plastic, often used to make sunglasses , for example. Opting for wood is therefore a very good way to engage yourself as an optician for more ecology , but also to touch all your customers who are sensitive to these issues.

And if you choose to order glasses at one of the start-up companies mentioned above, you also support home-made manufacturing and the growth of small French companies!

A complete ecological approach

But the ecological approach often goes beyond the simple use of wood to build the frames of glasses. Most of the time, it is a global approach , which also engages the values ​​of the manufacturer. The start-up Rezin , for example, is committed to planting a tree in an Indian forest for each pair of glasses purchased, through a partnership with Goodeed , a donation platform. As for Ozed , the woods and treatments used in the manufacture of glasses comply with the constraints imposed by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) , an environmental label.

wooden glasses

In addition to wood, there are other types of innovative and environmentally friendly materials for making glasses. To know more, do not hesitate to re-read our article on the production eco-friendly in optics!