Foldable glasses: are we going?

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foldable glasses

In line with what we imagined lost forever in the meander catalogs of another time, after the return of vintage glasses , we observe a return … foldable glasses ! Amazing, minimalist, aesthetic, compact: whatever the adjectives that are dedicated to him, the folding bezel tends to redo a place in pockets and handbags in 2018. Zoom on some of these glasses, less "gadgets" that they do not appear there

The ultra-fine: ROAV, first on KickStarter


Evidence that foldable glasses are coming back, some California start-ups are putting their tech savvy around new collections at the forefront! We were particularly interested in the ROAV , a telescope which finally came into being thanks to a big crowdfunding campaign organized in November 2016. After seducing crowds and raising more than $ 100,000 in just a few weeks, this product at the times trend and little gem of innovation has already become a must. A model that combines the timelessness of the vintage style with extremely fine and light materials, transportable and invisible in your jean pocket? It was enough for this success to continue even after his KickStarter campaign . Only available in solar, and now on their own website:

ROAV-glasses 3-Folding

The most fun: the folding glasses Didinsky

glasses-Folding didinsky

Didinsky is a young brand that wants to reconcile you with your glasses, or at least your bad habits: no more losing them, or not having them on you when you really need to read. What is the object that we never lose sight of, and which we could not do without? Bingo: our smartphone ! The Didinsky folding glasses allow all readers with a small correction to use magnifying glasses, stored directly in the pocket of your smartphone. They are not the most aesthetic, it's a fact, but they are some of the most practical and minimalist found in our magazine trends!

The already collector: Izipizi and Colette foldable glasses


We told you about the start-up Izipizi not long ago. It hits a big blow at the end of 2017 and offers a co-branding with the concept store Colette , which will close its doors a few weeks later. A highly publicized closure of the Saint-Honoré store in Paris, which has hit social networks under the hashtag #ColetteForever . This latest collaboration with Colette gave birth to a model of collapsible glasses a little nostalgic: a pair of collapsible solar " Blue Colette ", then sold 40 euros, and whose packaging hides a silver part to scratch. He is registered THANK YOU: Izipizi has succeeded, the glasses Colette are already collector …

And you? What do you think of trendy foldable glasses? With or without correction, are you ready to put it in the spotlight in your shops? 😉