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Glasses & Style: The most beautiful optical stores

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Owning a store that reflects your image matters. This rule also applies to optics . Some have chosen to present their products in an original and innovative way. Faced with this approach, the American optical magazine Invision Mag has created the contest 'America's Finest Optical Retailers.' Perfect for integrating our 'Glasses & Style' section. We therefore present to you a first selection of the most beautiful optical stores .

Fine Eyes (Ridgeland, USA)

Fine EYes1

In a sublime building brought up to date, the ' Fine Eyes ' boutique, located in Ridgeland, Mississippi, combines pop colors for touches that are both old and modern.

The refined decoration makes it possible to highlight original and colorful frames , on picturesque displays. The anecdote: every Sunday, the owner, Cleve Barham, comes to clean and reorganize his store. Thus, the latter changes every week!

Fine EYes2

Swell Vision Center: your favorite music welcomes you

Let's let the owner do the talking: "My favorite patients are those who come with their dogs, have a beer and get to know us by receiving all the necessary care and advice and listening to good music, then leave ready to tell their friends about their incredible experience."

swell center

You can hardly get more American. It's not necessarily the idea we have of an optical store and an ophthalmology center , but why not. Swell Vision Center is located in Leland, North Carolina. Founded in 2016 by Craig Scibal, he wanted a shop where patients could feel at home.

The staff therefore offers everyone entering what they want to drink and what music he wishes to listen to. This approach does not prevent Craig from putting the package on the training of his employees so that they are able to carry out all the necessary tasks.

[ caption id="attachment_11245" align="aligncenter" width="600"] swell_49 @Heath Burslem – Invision Mag[/caption]

Among other innovative ideas, the company organizes mini-parties as soon as a 5-star review on Google is posted, works with local brewers and offers goodies, t-shirts, pairs of socks to its patients.

The Optical Boutique, Vintage & elegance

Our number 3 is in Canada. Among the finest optical stores is ' The Optical Boutique ', founded in 1979 in Vancouver. Its very vintage design has earned it a stronghold in optics, not only in the city, but throughout the country.


In terms of service and marketing, we remain much more 'classic' but with a model that has been in operation for 40 years. Thus, the hobby of the owner, Sue Randhawa, is simple and effective: to sell quality products at a reasonable price and to offer irreproachable service!

Told like this, we say to ourselves that customer service has never been easier. And the results are there: a clientele of regulars and loyal customers, in the middle of a store of exhilarating beauty, with multiple details.

[ caption id="attachment_11247" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Optical-Boutique2 @Heath Burslem – Invision Mag[/caption]

Among the originalities, the shop works with designers and offers, once a year, a scholarship to a student to show up at fashion week.

Karoo: it's adventure

We completely change our style with this magnificent optical store in safari mode . Founded by two South Africans, Doctor Gavin Cohen and Mark Meyberg in 2015, Karoo focuses on travel and adventure.


From the solid wood tables and displays, to the pairs of glasses that point from the ceiling lights, we enter into another idea of the optical. Despite this tribute to travel, Karoo wants to be local and offers only one brand: its own.

And the staff takes care of everything: once the visual examination is carried out, the patient obtains a Karoo passport which allows him to do his shopping directly on the site! A great marketing idea that fits directly into the spirit of the brand.

The Optical. Co, Columbus, OH

Our latest store is located in Ohio and offers an industrial and minimalist universe. On old brick walls, the glasses present themselves simply and effectively. The Optical.co also makes its own pairs, which it sells among other brands. And for every pair of glasses sold, the shop plants a tree.


On the medical side, we take great care, with a complete examination but also a screening for glaucoma . Measurements are taken fro a connected tablet. Customer service is the same whether you go through the store or the site, a very important point for all the staff.


Other fine optical stores will follow in this Eyewear & Style section. In the meantime, don't hesitate to tell us in the comments which stores you preferred.

Source & photos: InvisionMag