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Make-up and optics: how to advise your clients?

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Do make-up and optics go hand in hand? We don't necessarily think about it, but makeup can have harmful consequences for the eyes. Nothing too serious, fortunately. But as professionals, your clients may wonder about the issue. Here are some tips for them.

Make-up and optics: simple gestures to avoid infections

The skin of the eyelids being very thin, it can be subjected to severe test. Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant about what can be applied to it. Some cosmetic products, such as mascara, should therefore be applied sparingly. The composition of the products must also be studied. Many products contain common allergens. It will then be necessary to direct customers who have questions, or who report inconveniences, towards better quality products.

Make-up at very affordable prices very often contains preservatives which can be dangerous. Not only because of their composition, but also because they are very difficult to remove, at least more than average. So recommend more hypoallergenic products, which are less brutal for the thin skin of the eyelids, and which are easily removed.

Removing make-up is also very important. Here again, recommend the use of natural and gentle products rather than aggressive make-up removers, which are certainly more attractively priced, but which, in the long term, can cause infections, such as conjunctivitis or contact dermatitis.
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Other tips may seem obvious but still sound. Remember to apply makeup carefully to avoid any penetration of makeup into the eyes. Make-up in the car must be prohibited! The use of eyelash curlers, tweezers assumes perfect hygiene. All tools should be cleaned with each use.

What are the risks for the eyes?

As we have seen, the risks associated with eye make-up are above all of an infectious nature. The problem comes mainly from defective and poor quality product lines. Very often, it is the youngest who have to buy dangerous products. So advise parents to be particularly vigilant on this point.

According to optometrists, the most common infection is blepharitis , an inflammation of the eyelids that makes the eyes red and irritated . Make-up is one of the main causes, although other reasons may explain it.

Risk of scratches may occur. If this happens, it will be necessary to rinse the eye with cold water, and check that other problems do not occur, even during the following days. These problems can be many and varied symptoms, such as a strong sensitivity to light , a red eye, which swells, or a decreasing vision. In this case, you must see a specialist urgently, and above all, no longer apply make-up for the duration of the treatment.

If your clients wear contact lenses, advise them to put them on before applying make-up and to remove them after removing make-up. Indeed, the lenses can catch invisible residues which, even after cleaning the lenses, could be harmful.

Eye makeup does not involve any major risk for the latter. But like any product applied to the body, it is necessary to choose those that will not do any harm. With healthy application and quality products, makeup will stay safe.