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Marketing: 3 tips to seduce opticians

Reading time : 2 minutes

Today, manufacturers have different techniques to seduce their customers: opticians. From the quality of their products, to the innovation, through the additional products, we present you our 3 main tips to please them!

Banking on originality

Before developing more advanced techniques to attract opticians, why not, first, bet on the originality of your products ? Mounts that are out of the ordinary, visuals well thought out and effective will be your first showcase to your customers. You can, for example, bet on the ethical side by offering Made in France or frames made of recycled materials (wood, seaweed, etc.). You can also count on signs that have chosen a strong and memorable communication, such as Les Formidables dans les enfants . If the optician has seen these mounts at home and they have caught his attention, it is certainly you that he will order!


Offer additional products

Another effective technique is to focus on additional products, especially in the area of ​​innovation. HOYA understood this well by launching in 2015 the HOYA Vision Simulator for opticians. The brand offers eyeglass wearers the opportunity to try out their new glasses directly from their optician via 3D, before buying them. The idea is to allow them to visualize, through a mask, the optical effects of different lens designs and treatments. For the optician, it is the insurance to surprise his customers and thus to attract the world … It can even be the small plus which convinces him to buy at your place.


Organize events

More than just offering products, some manufacturers rely on event organization. Conferences or training modules , in particular. It is for this purpose that OPAL has created the OPAL Academy . It regularly offers its optician clients seminars on various topics, led by optics professionals, but also round tables . The most recent one , organized in partnership with Essilor , Luz Optique , OL Mag and Optikid , specifically concerned children's optical equipment.


A technique that has proven itself. Because the customer, if he attends one of your events, will have created with you an affect and will then more easily tend to trust you.

Here, you now have all the tools in hand for seduce your customers and make them order … via the Eyes-Road platform of course! 😉