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Christmas marketing: the best operations of opticians

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The Christmas period is a perfect opportunity for opticians to launch major marketing campaigns. Whether they take place in the shop, on the brands' website, or on their social networks, we give you an overview of the operations that caught our attention this year.

When Christmas is the ideal time

Every year, many opticians take advantage of the holidays to imagine punctual and inventive operations that make people talk and attract new customers. Some of them have even made themselves famous in recent years for their Christmas offers . Most of the time, it is for them to offer the bearers a gift, following the purchase of a new pair of glasses , to encourage them to invest and to please their loved ones.

christmas marketing

This is particularly the case of Alain Afflelou and his famous " Tchin Tchin Special Feast" , which appears every year on French TV screens. The concept ? Offer, in addition to the usual second pair of glasses offered by the brand for several years with its offer "Tchin Tchin" , a third pair bearer. All for only one euro more. On the same model, Générale d'optique also offers this year an offer for the holidays : for one euro more, the wearer leaves with a second pair of glasses , and a gift voucher of 100 €.
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Christmas marketing: in store too!

For opticians , the end of year celebrations are also an opportunity to highlight their shop, by installing beautiful Christmas decorations . A nice showcase can indeed encourage consumers to enter, and why not, to afford a new mount! To highlight these initiatives, often launched by small optical shops with little visibility, magazine Acuity decided, this year again, to organize a great quiz of the most beautiful Christmas windows opticians . A key: a gift certificate of 200 euros. To participate, simply send them a photo of your storefront at reseaux@acuite.fr . The game will then continue on Facebook, where users can vote for their favorite showcase.

christmas marketing

A great initiative to show that Christmas marketing for an optician is just as important in the shop as on the internet!

Christmas marketing on social networks

For other opticians, at Christmas , everything happens on social networks . Digital media can indeed imagine a multitude of operations, which will mobilize Internet users for sure. Krys opticians , for example, relied on their various social networks to create the buzz in December. On Instagram , they set up an Advent Calendar , which allows subscribers to earn a new gift every day.

christmas marketing

On Facebook and Twitter , Krys opticians also share humorous Christmas- related posts, involving subscribers.

christmas marketing

A smart digital operation that helps give Krys a young, dynamic image!

And you, did you take advantage of the holiday season to launch a marketing campaign? 😉